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Koko Face Yoga Sleep Tape™ Sample (12 Strips)

Koko Face Yoga Sleep Tape™ Sample (12 Strips)

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  • Better Sleep & Reduced CPAP Usage: Our hypoallergenic, latex-free sleep tape promotes restful sleep & may reduce CPAP reliance.
  • No More Dry Mouth & Bad Breath: The tape’s unique grip pattern provides a secure seal promoting continuous hydration, preventing dry mouth and minimizing bad morning breath.
  • Quieter Sleep: Don’t let snoring ruin your love life! This gentle tape reduces or even eliminates snoring, promoting a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone.

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7 Benefits You'd be Missing Out Without Sleep Tape™

Koko Face Yoga's depiction of breathing anatomy, illustrating the intricacies of respiratory structures and their role in face yoga exercises, backed by the expertise of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.

1. Nose Breathing

Nose breathing has countless health benefits, like filtering and humidifying the air, allowing for better oxygenation of the blood, reducing the risk of infections, and promoting relaxation. It can also help regulate blood pressure and heart rate, improving focus and cognitive function.

Koko Face Yoga's illustration of the optimal tongue posture technique, emphasizing its significance in face yoga practices for improved facial structure, presented with the endorsement of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.

2. Tongue Posture® aka Mewing

With correct tongue posture (tongue up and flat on the palate), your face is lifted, achieving a defined jawline and reducing double chin. (Mewing 101) With the mouth closed, it is much easier to achieve this position, because when the jaw is down, the chin brings the tongue down.

Animated demonstration from Koko Face Yoga, illustrating the technique of closing and opening the mouth, designed to enhance facial muscle tone and flexibility, endorsed by its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.

3. Anti-Jowl

When the mouth is open, it stretches the skin slightly. Although it’s a small stretch, you are doing it for 1/3 of a day every single day! Then, when you close your mouth, this stretched skin now shows as jowls.

Snapshot of Koko Face Yoga's café-inspired segment, blending the art of face yoga with the relaxed ambiance of a café, presented with the support of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.

4. Moisture

If you want to prevent evaporation from a cup, you cover the cup with a lid, right? If you want to keep moisture in the face (& body), you should seal the mouth too. Otherwise, the body’s moisture evaporates, and you’ll get dried out. Keeping the mouth shut helps prevent mouth odor & tooth decay too.

Animated sequence highlighting the advantages of using Koko Face Yoga's Sleep Tape, particularly its role in promoting improved blood circulation during sleep

5. Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

Nitric oxide, which is produced in the sinuses during nose breathing (NOT during mouth breathing), improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. So it’s like you are receiving a facial massage while sleeping!

Animated sequence from Koko Face Yoga, demonstrating effective techniques to combat and reduce saggy skin, with the trusted endorsement of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.

6. Reduces Saggy Skin

When you continuously drop your jaw, it can lead to sagging skin because the downward movement of the jaw causes tension in the chin area (mentaris), which pulls the skin further downwards.

Koko Face Yoga's wrinkle reduction techniques in action, demonstrating the brand's commitment to natural beauty and skin rejuvenation, proudly associated with its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.

7. Wrinkle Reduction

Our tape is designed to relax overworking muscles (those in red), so it reduces fine lines and wrinkles over time. In addition to the mouth, you can apply the tape to other areas of concern as well!

Appeared On

  • Snapshot of Koko Face Yoga's notable appearance on Shark Tank, presenting the innovative face yoga techniques to renowned investors, with the endorsement of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical."
  • Snapshot highlighting Koko Face Yoga's association with the Kardashians, emphasizing the brand's wide-reaching influence in popular culture, proudly under the umbrella of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.
  • Koko the performer wowing the audience on the America's Got Talent stage

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Sleep Tape™

Distinctive grip pattern of Koko Face Yoga's Sleep Tape, displayed against a stark black background, highlighting its design features that ensure a secure fit during sleep.

Seal the deal for beauty sleep with our unique grip patterned tape, ensuring a secure seal.

Silicone tape from Koko Face Yoga, the sister brand of Mirai Clinical, applied on a hand, emphasizing its therapeutic properties in promoting scar healing and skin recovery.

Originally formulated to heal scars, this specialized material is safe and non-irritating for all skin types.

Animated sequence from Koko Face Yoga, the sister brand of Mirai Clinical, demonstrating the correct technique on how to peel out, ensuring optimal results.

Hassle-free application and removal: Unlike hard to tear/peal off tapes, our tapes are designed for less is more.

Collaborated with

  • Koko Face Yoga's association with the Kardashians, spotlighting the brand's face yoga techniques gaining traction among influential celebrities, backed by its sister brand, Mirai Clinical.
  • Koko Face Yoga featured on Goop, highlighting the brand's pioneering face yoga techniques embraced by the wellness community, endorsed by its sister brand, Mirai Clinical
  • Koko Face Yoga's engaging segment with Steve Harvey, introducing the transformative face yoga techniques to a wider audience, backed by the reputation of its sister brand, Mirai Clinical
Warning signs graphic from Koko Face Yoga, emphasizing the cautionary guidelines and recommendations for practicing face yoga safely and effectively.

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Ignoring This Could Cost You

- Obstructed sleep
- Less focus
- Saggy face
- Dry skin and more…

Woman participating in a sleep study associated with Koko Face Yoga, the sister brand of Mirai Clinical, showcasing the process and tools used to analyze sleep patterns and improve sleep quality.

Will It Really Work?

76% of people in the sleep study reported improvement in the sleep quality, after using mouth closure tapes during sleep. (Source:The Taiwan Institute of Health and Welfare, 2022)

Step-by-step demonstration of tearing Mirai Clinical's Sleep Tape, showing the proper method for optimal application and use

Easy To Tear…

Discover the ease of detaching your tape strips from each other. Thanks to our perforated lining, it's clear where to separate, and our mess-free design allows the strips to be pulled apart effortlessly - no strength needed!