About Us

Science studies show that body odor changes with age. So there is a body odor associated with aging.

This is commonly known in Japan, but not outside of Japan yet. Even though baby boomers are booming, this issue has been ignored for a long time... until you found us!

The key ingredient is Japanese persimmon. Mirai (mr · ai) means the future in Japanese and it is our goal to offer natural solutions from body, hair and home care products that utilize this key ingredient and give you a future of confidence!

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Our Executive and Product Management is an international team comprised of experienced skin care and medical professionals from Japan and the U.S.

Our experienced skin care and medical professional

Koko Hayashi, Founder and CEO

Koko Hayashi was born and raised in Japan, one of the most advanced aging societies in the world. To welcome positive aging, she is addicted to natural methods to slow down her aging process, and it is her passion to share them with the world. Then she realized that this aging odor is not commonly known outside of Japan, so it was natural for her to launch Mirai Clinical, to help you feel fresh & confident.

Our experienced skin care and medical professional

Dr. Charlene Brannon, Science Advisor

Dr. Charlene “Charlie” Brannon brings her scientific perspective to the Mirai brand. She began her career as a scientist at Iowa State University. Seven years after graduating, she was awarded the Iowa State Outstanding Young Alumnus Award recognizing her contributions in research, and teaching. Shortly thereafter she received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington where she was a tenured professor for 25 years, the last seven of which included teaching and research in a graduate nutrition program. Her research is varied focusing in many areas, including the role of astaxanthin.

Our experienced skin care and medical professional

Laura Salonga, Operations and Customer Service

Born and raised in Southern California, Laura came to us from the Hospitality industry, where for many years she honed her first class customer service skills and even received a Customer Service Excellence award. Starting her career out as a hotel operator in Pasadena and ending in hotel management in San Diego, she now takes charge of our Operations and Customer Service at the highest level in which our Company had not previously seen and strives daily to provide our customers with the best experience yet. As a busy wife and proud mother of three beautiful children, Laura has found a perfect work/life balance being a key part of the team. Our customers can rest assured that she will always champion their ideas for future products and suggestions with enthusiasm, respect and care.

Our experienced skin care and medical professional

Caitlyn Reyes, Project Manager

Born and raised between Minnesota and Oklahoma, Caitlyn started as our content creator in 2015. After receiving her Bachelor's of Science degree, she worked her way up to Project Manager. She enjoys using her problem solving and research skills to help with product production, user experience and more. In her spare time she enjoys nature photography and reading.