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About Us

The Japanese science study shows that body odor changes with age. So there is a body odor associated with aging. This is a commonly known fact in Japan, but not outside of Japan yet. Even though baby boomers are booming, this has been ignored for a long time.

That's where we serve.

Mirai Clinical offers deodorizing solutions for any odors including the aging odor, from body care, hair care to household.

Our Executive and Product Management is an international team comprised of experienced skin care and medical professionals from Japan and the U.S.

Our Team

Koko Hayashi, Founder and CEO

Koko Hayashi was born and raised in Japan, on the northern-most island of Hokkaido–known for the purity of its water, abundance of nature and the porcelain skin of its women. It is a culture where women use minimum skincare with natural ingredients, practicing Less is More skincare.

So, when Koko first visited the U.S., she was shocked to learn that women spend hundreds of unnecessary dollars on synthetic skincare products that deliver quick, short term results but can damage skin in the long run. She also quickly gained 10 pounds on an American diet, and found her energy flagged when she stopped her daily bathing rituals. It then became her passion to share Japanese beauty secrets that are not widely known outside of Japan by launching Mirai Clinical.

Dr. Charlene Brannon, Science Advisor

Dr. Charlene “Charlie” Brannon brings her scientific perspective to the Mirai brand. She began her career as a scientist at Iowa State University. Seven years after graduating, she was awarded the Iowa State Outstanding Young Alumnus Award recognizing her contributions in research, and teaching. Shortly thereafter she received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington where she was a tenured professor for 25 years, the last seven of which included teaching and research in a graduate nutrition program. Her research is varied focusing in many areas, including the role of astaxanthin.