Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • MADE for sensitive skin. The only soap bar in the U.S. with Japanese persimmon extract which eliminates Nonenal, armpit, vaginal and foot odors.
  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE natural ingredientsEach bar is hand-crafted to protect the delicate ingredients that leave skin moisturized and cleansed.
  • It can last more than a couple of months with our Magnetic Soap Bar Holder.

Made for You

Having sensitive skin can sometimes feel like a drag. A little carelessness while picking your soap can send your skin into a tizzy of rashes and irritation. That's why we made our Sensitive Soap just for you. We eliminated any harsh chemicals, parabens, and strong additives that might affect your skin. We also made sure to keep all the benefits of our regular Soap Bar including the purifying and deodorizing powers of Japanese Persimmon extract!

Gently eliminates troublesome body odors originating from hormonal imbalances, menopause, and nonenal/aging odor. Also eliminates vaginal, underarm, and foot odors.

Clinical studies show that our soap with Persimmon Extract eliminates Nonenal by 97% compared to only 35% by conventional soaps.

Contains no harmful chemicals that can strip the skin’s natural oils. Unlike other persimmon soaps from Japan, Mirai’s soap bar does not contain cocamidopropyl betaine, synthetic fragrances, PEG and preservatives that can prematurely age skin.

Leaves skin soft and silky. Rinses off quickly.

Handmade by soap artisans in Japan to preserve delicate moisturizing agents.

Japanese Ingredients

Japanese Persimmon

Japanese Persimmon extract eliminates troublesome body odors.

Japanese Ingredients

Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea detoxes and provides all day freshness.

Japanese Ingredients


Camellia Sinensis gently removes impurities without compromising the skin's natural oils.

Sekken-NA/K (Soap Material), Dipropylene Glycol (Solvent), Water, Sucrose, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Lauramidopropyl Betaine (Cleansing), Alcohol, Persimmon Tannin (Deodorizing), Camellia Sinensis Catechins, Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Ryoku-Cha Ekisu (Green Tea), Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate (Humectant), EDTA (Stabilizer), Butylene Glycol (Skin Conditioning)

What is over-washing?

A century ago, people relied on strong sops to remove dirt and body odor. Today most of us take a shower daily, but tend to lather our bodies with soap from head to toe. This is over-washing. Our modern lifestyle requires gentler and healthier approach to bathing.

Why? Perspiration is water soluble and can be easily rinsed off with water. However, oxidized natural oils, which contain impurities, are not water soluble and require soaps for removal. Many commercial soaps include synthetic ingredients that can destroy the skin’s natural protective barrier. Overusing soaps with these synthetics can lead to chronically dry or sensitive skin. Even with skin-friendly ingredients, excessive washing can remove the good bacteria which help maintain the skin’s healthy balance, and can lead to additional body odor.

Where to Wash?

There are five primary areas that should to be washed daily, as they tend to produce more oxidized sweat and lipid acid (oils) and resulting body odor:

  1. Behind the ears (where Nonenal most often occurs)
  2. Behind the neck (where Nonenal most often occurs)
  3. Undearms
  4. Groin
  5. Feet
5 Areas to Wash with Body Wash.

Less is more! 

Usage: Apply to a wet sponge or wash cloth. Focus on oil-and odor- producing areas such as under arms, behind the ears and neck, groin, and feet, and rinse well. 

When to Apply: Daily.

How Long It Lasts: If used once a day, our 3.5 oz | 100 g bar provides an approximate 1 months supply.