Japan Beauty Trends Unveiled at Cosme Tokyo

By Alicia Kerr for Mirai Clinical

Japan has long been a world leader in the beauty industry, and it comes as no surprise that Japanese beauty consumers are the most discerning in the world. In recent years, Western beauty brands have began to watch the Japanese market very closely, looking to discover the latest innovations and trends that are now shaping the global beauty market and driving demand for exciting, new products.

Held each January each year, Cosme Tokyo is Japan’s largest specialised cosmetic industry trade fair. Now in it’s 5th year, Cosme Tokyo continues to grow in size and popularity. This year there was a record number of 700 brands showcasing their cosmetic, skincare and haircare innovations to buyers from around the world. 

A combination of traditional retail buyers, online stores, product developers, makeup artists and media from around the world travel  to Cosme Tokyo to discover what are the latest Japanese beauty trends and innovations that will then be adopted globally.

At Cosme Tokyo this year, a few of the most popular and exciting trends were: 

– Nutritional supplements. In particular, placenta anti-aging and skin supporting drinks.  

– Gold, gold, gold – It started with sheet masks and now even luxurious skincare lines to increase skin brightness.

– Natural and organic skincare. In particular Japanese ingredients like spring water, green tea and even okra!

– Long lasting “tattoo” cosmetic eyeliner, eyebrow and lip colour. 

– Combining traditional Japanese ingredients with cutting edge technology to create powerful anti-ageing skincare treatments (for example natural hot spring water and stem cells).

No doubt you will start seeing some of these Japanese beauty trends making an appearance on the U.S. shelves over the next few years, including Mirai Clinical!

Alisa Kerr is the creator of Japanese beauty website Tokyo Beauty Book. Alisa is an Australian beauty and skincare enthusiast living in living in Tokyo! Tokyo Beauty Book is a website dedicated to discovering the world of Japanese beauty, with all the information you need about Japanese beauty brands, their products, how to use them and where to buy them.  

Check out Tokyo Beauty Book’s website, Instagram and Facebook for everything you need to know about Japanese Beauty!  

Check out Tokyo Beauty Book’s website, Instagram and Facebook for everything you need to know about Japanese Beauty!  
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