Don’t Believe Quick Fix Cosmetics

by Koko Hayashi

Don’t believe cosmetics claims of quick fix-over night change.

Some of your cosmetics might say, wrinkles disappear right after applying or skin gets younger over night, but that’s too good to be true!

Your skin cell’s turnover rate is every 28 days. This means that the cells die and are re-born every 28 days. (If you are 40 years old+, your turn over might be every 40 days in general.)

Your skin may become improved by cosmetics, but it takes at least 28 days to see the results.

In addition, skin cells in different areas have different re-born rates. So taking these differences into account, it’s said that it takes 3 months to see results from new cosmetics.

If you see big difference too quickly, that’s just because of the formula’s synthetic ingredients, like polymers. That doesn’t mean that your original skin gets younger overnight.