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Dual-Action Bath Glove & Body Sponge

Dual-Action Bath Glove & Body Sponge

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  • EASY to Foam Up Your Soap. Create a rich, luxurious lather with minimal effort and experience the thick, indulgent bubbles that provide a deep, thorough clean.
  • The double-sided sponge brush not only cleans but also gently EXFOLIATES your skin, promoting healthier skin turnover.
  • QUICK DRYING. No more worries about damp, mildew-ridden bathroom accessories. Made from quick-drying material that helps prevent the buildup of bacteria.
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As Seen On

  • As seen on logos for Mirai Clinical to eliminate nonenal body odor
Instructional demonstration on using Mirai Clinical's soap sponge for effective hand washing, highlighting techniques to ensure thorough cleansing and the benefits of persimmon-infused deodorizing properties.

A little goes a long way…

Use the sponge side for simple, hassle-free method of turning a tiny bit of soap into a lavish roam for all-over cleaning.

Step-by-step demonstration on how to effectively wash with Mirai Clinical's soap sponge, showcasing optimal techniques for thorough cleansing and benefiting from persimmon-infused deodorizing properties.

Get into those hard-to-reach areas with this dual-action glove!

Whether it's between the toes or any other tricky spot, this dual-sided glove is your solution. Its design allows for easy and gentle exfoliation across your body, reaching all those tough-to-get areas with ease, promoting a healthier you.