UV Mirror Sensor

Length: 3.5 inch | 9 cm (Made in Japan)
  • How much skin-damaging UV rays are you being  exposed to? This handy device changes its color to pink when exposed to the sun. The stronger the UV rays, the darker the color.
  • Attach it to your bag or hang it on your car’s rear-view mirror, so you are aware of sun exposure at any time. (Fun way to educate kids by hanging on their backpack!)
  • And you’ll also have a mirror at your fingertips.


70-80% of skin aging is from sun damage, so it’s very important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Don’t let cloudy or dark days fool you. Find out how much UV rays you’re being exposed to with this skin-saving visual aid. 

Carry it anywhere, so you can always test UV levels. Great for kids, in the car, and on your purse.

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