Soap Bar Holder (Magnetic)

  • Sleek, minimalist soap holder that will extend your soap's life
  • Simplifies usage
  • Easy to attach, and secure on most smooth surfaces 

Your Soap’s Life Just Got Longer!

Our Magnetic Soap Bar Holder is the perfect companion to our Deodorizing Soap with Persimmon AND Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin. In the past, using soap was effective at cleaning and deodorizing, but messy. The Magnetic Soap Bar Holder will extend the life of your soap by keeping it securely off your counter and mounted on the wall, high and dry in-between uses. It will also keep you from wasting excess soap by leaving residue in soap dishes or soap scum on a shower ledge. It makes washing so convenient, that you’ll wonder how you ever used soap without it!

Installation in just minutes!

An animation of the five step process for installing Mirai Clinical's Magnetic Soap Bar Holder.

An Attractive and Safe Cleansing Solution

Having our soap securely mounted to your wall is not only clean and attractive, but also safe. Bending over to pick up soap off the shower floor can be slippery and dangerous at any age. Just as adding grab bars into your shower or bathtub increases safety, keeping your soap securely within arm’s reach, and off the floor will also ensure that you have a safe shower experience.

We know that your house is your sanctuary, so when designing this Magnetic Soap Bar Holder, we made it both functional and attractive. We kept a sleek, metallic minimal design so that it would blend in with any bathroom or kitchen. The clean and modern look compliments any design aesthetic.

Get the Most Out of Our Products, and Keep Your Counters Clean

Your counter tops and shower ledge will stay clutter and mess-free with your soap mounted securely on the wall. It’s also an excellent long-term storage solution for our soaps. You can add this magnetic soap mount to each bathroom or sink counter. Our Magnetic Soap Bar Holder extends the life of your soap, and coupled with our attractive and money-saving bulk packages for our Deodorizing Soap with Persimmon, and our Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin you will double the life of each bar!

We know how much you love our soaps, and to give you the best value for your money, we’ve created our Soap Bar Holder to help your soaps last as long as possible. No more messy soap build-up on your counter tops or showers. Our Magnetic Soap Bar Holder will also keep your soap dry and bacteria-free in-between each use.

Our Magnetic Soap Bar Holder can be used anywhere. Featuring a strong, waterproof 3M adhesive backing and a powerful magnet, you can mount the Magnetic Soap Bar Holder to any surface in your home. It will adhere to any smooth surface, so that you can securely store your soap.

We’ve made this product affordable so you can easily add one to each bathroom in your home, as well as your kitchen. It’s useful anywhere you would normally use soap. The assembly is incredibly easy, and in minutes you can have a secure mount to help your soap last longer!

No more messy, dirty, or scummy soap bar dishes.

We have Two Mirai Clinical Soap Bars That Go Perfectly with your New Magnetic Soap Holder

At Mirai Clinical, we’ve got an entire line of soaps, body washes, shampoos and more that help you clean, deodorize, and refresh your body. Our entire line is made without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our products contain a long list of natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and body, without using synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, or synthetic polymers.

Coupling our new Magnetic Soap Bar Holder with our soap ingredients, you get double the use out of each bar. 

Deodorizing Soap Bar with Persimmon

This Deodorizing Soap Bar with Persimmon extract is especially effective at treating odor issues and is also hand-crafted by Japanese soap artisans. The persimmon extract soap is sulfate-free and uses no skin-unfriendly chemicals. You can rest assured knowing that everything coming out of this soap bar is extremely beneficial for your skin, and works to eliminate Nonenal, often associated with aging odor. We also offer the same attractive bulk discounts in quantities of four, six, and eight for this bar, saving you 10, 15, or even 20%! 

Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin

This Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar eliminates Nonenal, often associated with aging, as well as eliminating vaginal and foot odors. Our Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin is hand-crafted in Japan by soap artisans, which protect its moisturizing ingredients. It leaves your skin soft and silky! We offer attractive discounts to purchase our deodorizing soaps in bulk. You may purchase them in quantities of four, six, and eight. Bulk ordering saves 10%, 15% or 20%, depending on the quantity. This increases your soap bar’s use even further when using our magnetic holder!

Deodorizing Soap Bar with Persimmon Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin

Double the life of every soap bar you buy, thereby doubling savings, convenience, and HALVING your soap costs!

NEVER again clean soap scum or dried, hardened remains from your soap dish.

MULTI-PURPOSE USES means it can be used in your kitchen, garage, sink, or guest bathroom.

QUICK & EASY installation so you can just peel & stick! No drills, screws, or nails required.

SMALL & DURABLE because the magnetic dot is made of sturdy metal that takes up next to no space on your wall! Unlike other magnetic mounts, ours is barely noticeable, compact, and easy to use.

Installation Instructions:

Our Magnetic Soap Bar Holder has a strong, waterproof 3M adhesive sticker backing and a powerful magnet. It will attach to any smooth surface in your home.

Step 1. Choose a flat and smooth location for the Magnetic Soap Bar Holder. Make sure it is dry. You can prime the area with a bit of rubbing alcohol to ensure it’s clean.

Step one of installing Mirai Clinical's Magnetic Soap Bar Holder.

Step 2. Peel off the protective sticker backing, exposing the adhesives 3M strip. Adhere the 3M strip to the dry, flat space on the wall that you have chosen. Press and hold the magnet to the wall sturdily for 30 seconds.

Step two of installing Mirai Clinical's Magnetic Soap Bar Holder. Step three of installing Mirai Clinical's Magnetic Soap Bar Holder.

Step 3. For the suction portion of the Magnetic Soap Bar Holder, remove the circular piece from the magnet and press it deeply into the soap.

Step three of installing Mirai Clinical's Magnetic Soap Bar Holder.

Step 4. Now the soap is ready to be attached to the wall mounted magnet. Enjoy the convenience of having a cleaner area and longer lasting soap product.

Warning: Be careful with the suction part.

Step four of installing Mirai Clinical's Magnetic Soap Bar Holder.