A surprising study proves how much your skin changes with age – and how a simple adjustment can help you stay fresher, longer.

by KoKo Hayashi | 4/7/22

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There's a reason why they call them your “golden years”.

With the kids gone and retirement getting closer, you finally have time to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

You’ve also figured out who you are, and what’s really important to you.

Sure, your body may not feel quite like it did when you were 25. But there are still plenty of ways to live an active and happy lifestyle.

Of course, keeping those years feeling “golden” means making some life adjustments.

You may have already changed the way you eat, or how often you exercise to make sure you get the best out of the years to come.

Here’s why you ought to reconsider your skincare habits as well….

Until this recent study, even scientists didn’t realize how much your skin changes with age.

Recently, a group of researchers in Japan set out to test how our sweat – and the odor it produces – changes as we age.

Volunteers between the ages of 26 and 75 were given identical shirts to wear for a 3-day period. At the end of the test, the shirts would be collected, and a special type of machinery would conduct an "odor test".

What did they find?

Although most of the shirts had similar amounts of dirt and sweat, shirts worn by test subjects over the age of 40 were significantly more pungent.¹

Graphic showing the molecular structure and benefits of omega-7 fatty acids, essential for skin health and used in Mirai Clinical products for effective body odor control and deodorizing.


“Significantly higher levels of nonenal.”

Nonenal is a unique scent created by omega-7 fatty acids.These fatty acids are commonly found on our skin’s surface. As they break down and are exposed to the air, they create a greasy, unpleasant smell that’s hard to miss.

Here’s why nonenal creates a unique problem for active adults…

As we reach our 40s, our skin's natural antioxidant protection decreases, making the chemical reactions that create nonenal happen at a faster rate than before.

The more we age, the greater the presence of nonenal.

For women, hormonal balances also begin to change around this age. Hot flashes and night sweats during menopause cause excessive perspiration and increased fatty acid production, also causing higher levels of nonenal.

Second, nonenal is very hard to get rid of.

Unlike dirt or sweat, nonenal is oil-based. That means it's not easily removed by soap in the shower, or by regular detergents in the wash. As a result, nonenal tends to linger on fabrics, like your shirt collars, pillow cases, and certain furniture in your home.

So if your body is producing high levels of nonenal, you can bet your current shower products aren't doing much to wash the excess from your skin.

But wouldn’t I smell nonenal on myself?

Surprisingly, no.

Studies have shown that our noses can quickly “blind” us to bad smellseven if the source of that smell is us.

Of course, nonenal production isn't something you can avoid. It's a natural part of the aging process.

So how do you ensure you keep smelling like the younger – fresher – version of you?

One way is by following a healthy lifestyle. This includes exercising regularly, avoiding stress, abstaining from smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation, eating a clean diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest.

However, if you want to be absolutely certain that you smell as good as you can, you can add an extra layer of protection to your daily regimen.

Experts will tell you there’s no better way to combat nonenal than adding this simple ingredient to your daily hygiene…

naturally purifying and deodorizing benefits.

It’s called Japanese Persimmon. It’s a potent antioxidant loaded with vitamins, and it’s traditionally been used in Japan for its naturally purifying and deodorizing benefits.

This prized, natural ingredient is particularly effective in eliminating body odor from hormonal imbalance or aging, leaving skin squeaky clean and freshly hydrated.

Comparison between soaps with Mirai’s persimmon tannin & regular soaps

The chart above shows how persimmon tannin is significantly more effective in reducing various causes of body odor, including nonenal, than regular soaps.

Mirai Clinical is the ONLY soap bar in the U.S. with Japanese Persimmon Extract.

Soap bar in the U.S. with Japanese Persimmon Extract

Handcrafted by soap artists in Japan, this anti-nonenal odor soap has been clinically proven to eliminate "aging odor" without stripping skin of its natural oils.

Unlike other Persimmon soaps, which use a less effective, whole-form persimmon, Mirai Clinical uses a special lab-enhanced formulation that, when combined with other natural ingredients, makes for an extremely effective deodorizing ingredient.

Here are more reasons Mirai Clinical is unlike any other nonenal soap:

- Eliminates Nonenal by up to 97% compared to only 35% by conventional soaps.

- Gently cleanses troublesome body odors originating from hormonal imbalances, menopause, and nonenal/aging odor. Also eliminates vaginal, underarm, and foot odors.

- Contains no harmful chemicals that can strip the skin’s natural oils. Unlike other persimmon soaps from Japan, Mirai’s soap bar does not contain cocamidopropyl betaine, synthetic fragrances, PEG and preservatives that can prematurely age skin.

- Leaves skin soft and silky. Rinses off quickly.

- Handmade by soap artisans in Japan to preserve the delicate moisturizing agents found within.

As Seen on Shark Tank!

Mirai founder Koko Hayashi

Inspired by cultural tradition and rich family history, Mirai founder Koko Hayashi set out to create a group of products that celebrated the body at every stage.

“In Japan, there is a day to recognize and respect those that are older, referred to as ‘Aged Day’, and I spent every “Aged Day” that I could with my grandma,” Koko said. It was this respect and honor she saw in Japan and the love for her grandmother that she wanted to share with the United States. “I wanted older adults to feel loved and confident again, so I founded Mirai.”

Mirai is built on the belief that our elders should be respected. It's backed by a fine selection of natural ingredients that work to effectively fight a problem that not everyone may experience but for those that do, will be grateful for.

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Merry A.

Merry A.


Makes SUCH a difference in my husband's scent! Moisturizing and clean!!!

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Patricia G.


Great product! When I read about this product I was skeptical,  but I know what they were saying about certain odors being around older people you always wondered why. I tried it and I am amazed that you really do feel clean. There is no smell to the soap per se but it works!

Alina C.

Alina C.


Gentle scent. Rinses off clean. Thought the bar would melt away quickly but it’s long-lasting ❤️


1. Haze S, Gozu Y, Nakamura S, Kohno Y, Sawano K, Ohta H, Yamazaki K. 2-Nonenal newly found in human body odor tends to increase with aging. J Invest Dermatol. 2001 Apr;116(4):520-4. doi: 10.1046/j.0022-202x.2001.01287.x. PMID: 11286617.