Stress Increase Body Odor?

by Koko Hayashi

It’s scientifically proven that stress is one of the causes of body odor.

When you are stressed, our body secrets a lot of hormones like male hormone, adrenaline, adrenal cortex hormone. These activates secretion of lipid acid.

Also, these encourage skin’s rejuvenation (dead skin comes off and new skin is born) , which is good for skin but if it’s excessively encouraged, new skin cell is born before dead one comes off, resulting in that lipid acid gets stuck in sebaceous glands. That is ideal condition to produce cell damaging free radical (to accelerate aging and increase body odor).

Free radical oxidizes lipid acid to create lipid peroxide. Lipid peroxide oxidizes lipid acid resulting in more active oxygen. This bad circulation is called auto-oxidization. It’s one of the major causes of body odor.

If you care body odor, it’s extremely important to reduce stress.I’m not professional in stress management, but if you feel stress and concerned about body odor, you should try to find a way to reduce stress.