How does Mirai help defend from signs of aging you can’t see?

Why does maturing skin need extra care?

How is Mirai different from other skin and bodycare products?

How does Mirai help defend from signs of aging you can’t see?

Anti-Age Your Body Odor

Many women notice changes in their body odor after age 40 and during menopause. Reduced estrogen levels and hormonal imbalances can result in
a troublesome body odor caused by Nonenal (“no-nay-nal”), which is oil-based and difficult to remove with conventional soaps and washes. This peculiar odor can increase with age, and is sometimes referred to as “old people’s smell”.

Nonenal is formed when the skin’s fatty acids become oxidized as the skin’s natural anti-oxidant defenses weaken. It may also increase in women more prone to perspiration or affected by outside influences that can exacerbate odor, such as stress.

Japanese persimmon extract is nature’s deodorant: it instantly dissolves nonenal! Mirai’s breakthrough Purifying Body Wash, with clinically proven persimmon tannin, green tea, and astaxanthin, is the only product in the U.S. which not only instantly eliminates Nonenal and other troublesom body odors, but provides deodorant protection and maintains freshness all day.