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Marie Claire

Skin Fasting: Is it Fact or Fad?

So I mentioned doing some light reading regarding the skin fasting mania. While one person totally agrees with us Marie-Kondo-ing our skincare shelves, another questions the entire logic behind this enterprise. Before actually jumping on the bandwagon with this this trend, I decided to sieve through some information online.

It all began when Koko Hayashi, the founder of Mirai Clinical reveals why “less is more”. According to her, we should use less products, less quick fixes, less moisturizing, less washing, and less friction. Soon enough, these five pillars made its waves into the skincare community as one new thing to get excited about.

One blogger reveals that in an attempt to work skin fasting into his routine, the results obtained were neither good nor bad. Although his skin dreadfully dried up since quitting the hydrating products, he found that all his skincare had merely covered up the real issue: lack of water. Once his body started receiving enough hydration from drinking, his skin became better.

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