Persimmon’s deodorant history | Geisha’s Purification Secret

Do you know what a Geisha is? Geisha literally means “artist” in Japanese. Geishas are traditional Japanese female entertainers that are trained as professional singers, dancers, and companions.

Japanese persimmon has been known for its powerful deodorant and disinfect. It also has been used in many other areas, including:

  • Sushi cooking to reduce the fishy smell
  • Paint ink to produce a glowing orange color and protect the paint from bugs
  • Herbal drugs to balance internal organ conditions

What are the top 3 ways that Geishas use persimmon?

  1. Geishas mix persimmon extract when they hand wash their red kimonos so the color lasts longer and the fabric is protected from bugs.
  2. Geishas put dried persimmon leaves on their folded kimono when it is in storage.
  3. Geishas put the persimmon that they used for #1 and #2 in their bath water.

Geishas always look calm and beautiful, but they actually sweat a lot because of  working hard in a heavy kimono. They are trained not to sweat on their face to keep their makeup intact. Instead they sweat under their kimono. However, they are not allowed to have unpleasant body odor since they sit close to their clients. For these complicated challenges, Geishas love persimmon.

We are honored to introduce the same persimmon that Geishas have trusted for years into our products outside of Japan!
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