7 Bad Habits Contributing Asymetrical Face

7 Bad Habits Contributing to Face Asymmetry


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to fix an asymmetrical face and thought I should do more videos about it. Most people, including myself, have asymmetrical faces and I’ve spent a lot of time seeking solutions. Here are some bad habits that contribute to face asymmetry – which you should stop right now!

  • Chewing foods on one side only. If you chew only on, say, the left-side, the left facial muscles are built up more while the right-side muscles weaken. Try to consciously chew equally on both sides to support symmetry on the lower half of the face.
  • Sleeping on only one side. Sleeping on your back is the best practice for your face. If that’s hard, try to alternate right and left sides.
  • Using your hand when you sit. Pressuring either side only from the outside changes the bone structure if you repeatedly do so. The best is not to do this, but if you have to, alternate the hand.
  • Crossing your legs when you sit. The reason you feel the urge to cross your legs is to open up your pelvis. The pelvis is like a big bowl that supports your spine. An open pelvis, meaning a weak base, cannot support a straight spine. A crooked spine leads to a distorted neck and a distorted face. Your body tries to close the pelvis by crossing your legs. Done too often, and your body gets lazy relying on you to cross your legs, rather than self-correcting and closing your pelvis. Just remember that all the body parts are connected to your face!
  • Carrying items on only one arm. You get the drill. Try to use both arms equally.
  • Leaning on either side when you stand. Again, all the body parts are connected, so if the weight on your butt is uneven, your face gets uneven too!
  • iPosturing! Poor posture can result from long hours of looking at your phone. You tend to hunch your neck and a weakened neck leads to weakened face muscles.

There are in fact more and more bad habits to be corrected. Be sure to subscribe to Koko Face Yoga Youtube to learn more!

To simplify, I would like you to understand that the asymmetrical face of yours is a victim of your asymmetrical body and facial patterns for your daily activities. So if you fix the root causes, the condition will be improved, I promise!

Another important note is that humans are supposed to be slightly asymmetrical, because of our internal organ positions. It is scientifically known that the right diaphragm is bigger than the left, which leads you to breathe on the right side more, and the pelvis tilts to the right side more than the left. So slight asymmetry should NOT bother you, as everyone is asymmetrical. If the asymmetry level is bigger than normal, you should take more actions to fix it.

Also, if you have taken out wisdom teeth, any dental treatments really, could be the main cause of your asymmetrical face. If that is the case, just correcting bad asymmetrical habits will NOT solve the issue. I highly suggest you go see an orthodontist who offers natural, holistic approaches VS regular dentists who just fix teeth without analyzing the facial functions as a big picture.

Interestingly, eye sight matters too. If you have or had any irregular eye conditions, your poor vision can change the facial muscle activities too.

I would just like you to understand that you cannot fix an asymmetrical face just by fixing the face.

Medical treatments such as plastic surgeries or injection might improve the condition temporarily, but again, it is important to find out what the root causes are and try to fix them, instead of jumping to surgeries or injections. Please note that I am NOT against medical treatments. But if there are things you can do naturally without them, why not try? The results are not guaranteed, but no risk of side effects.

The results vary depending on how much you care, how much you do, and how long you do it. It is hard to fix the dominant habits, but it's worth it, because neutralizing the body and face balance would improve your health in general too.

Let's closely look at the habits that make your body and face asymmetrical other than the 7 habits above.

  • Crooked teeth: Try to think about it like your skeleton, including teeth alignment, is the base of your face. So if the bones are crooked, the skin looks crooked too. The reasons why your teeth get crooked vary. For example, your body posture changes the teeth positions too, because all the bones in the body and face are connected. Also, tongue posture matters too. Where is your tongue when your face is resting? It should be fully touching the palate, but very often it is lightly touching the palate, not touching anywhere or laying on the bottom chin. If so, the palate does not grow fully, and you get a narrow palate. When the palate is narrow, the teeth don't have much space to be positioned properly, so the teeth become crooked.
  •  Asymmetrical tongue position: Again, the tongue matters so much. When the tongue is resting on the palate fully (correct tongue position), the tongue is lifting up the maxila bone. This is one of the most important purposes of the tongue for beauty because maxila is the area containing the cheek bones, which are relatively bigger bones located in the face. So when the tongue is lifting up the maxila in an asymmetrical way, of course the cheeks will become asymmetrical too. The maxila is also at the base of eyes, so your eyes can also become asymmetrical. Your nose is surrounded by the maxila too. What I mean by asymmetrical tongue position is that it can be that the tongue is pressing the palate up on the right or left side. When you are trying to do the correct tongue posture, try to feel which side has more lifting pressure. Very often it has a dominant side. If the tongue is lifting the maxila upwards to the right more than the left, the right cheekbone will be higher than the left. The reason why your eyes and nose are asymmetrical might be due to the maxila position as well. 
  • Excessive use of high heel shoes: With high heel shoes on, obviously your heels are higher than your toes, so you have to balance irregularly in order to stand straight, which goes against the normal straight stance of your body. This forces you to stand up in an asymmetrical way from the side view. Thus, the body posture becomes very unstable and it is easy to get an asymmetrical balance in the body.
  •  Raising one eye brow: Sometimes when people show a confused or surprised expression, they raise only one eye brow, instead of 2 eyebrows. Very often, it is your dominant eyebrow. If this is your habit, your dominant eye is overworking and the eye gets easily fatigued, more than the other eye. If the right eye is dominant, your right eyebrow is dominant too. The right brow might be lower because it's tired out or higher because it has too much tension than the other. It depends on various factors depending on the person.
  • Asymmetrical hair style: For example, if your hair is separated on the right side and left bangs are covering your left eye, your right eye might over work to see things. Then your right eye (very often it is your dominant) gets more fatigued than the other eye. I am not saying you should separate the hair in the middle, but changing the hair style every day matters, especially if you have bangs that are covering the eyes. Separately from an asymmetrical face issue, if the hair separation line is the same all the time, the line shows more of your scalp (looks like a naked scalp), and the area might get more sun exposure, which can lead to hair loss.
  • Furniture position: If the TV screen is on the right angle and sofa is placed not horizontally to the screen, you might lean to the right side more to see the screen. That causes asymmetrical body posture and forces your right eye to work harder to watch the TV. If you keep the same asymmetrical posture long time, it will be your default posture and causes asymmetrical body and face. Monitor position matters. At my desk, I personally like putting my monitor on the left side, even though the 2nd monitor is designed to be place on the right side. This forces your left eye to work more, which balances the eye fatigue on the both eyes.

There are just some examples of many asymmetrical patterns you may be doing in your daily life. Fixing an asymmetrical face is not easy, but try to use more non-dominant hand, eye, leg, etc. Your face and body will thank you in the future.

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Hello Yoko, so I was wanting to ask you, is it possible to get a cheekbone that’s higher up to be lower down, so that both cheekbones are aligned and symmetrical? My cheekbones used to be much more aligned, but now, the one on the left side of my face is higher up, and I would like to get it to be lower down? I really hope it’s possible!? Thank you so much Yoko!!


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