Face Yoga with Koko at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles 2020

Koko Hayashi, whose class was voted #1 yoga class at The Yoga Expo 2019 Pasadena, will be teaching Face Yoga at next year’s The Yoga Expo in Los Angeles again and she’d love for you to join her. There you’ll get to learn how to strengthen your facial muscles to promote anti-aging + help with wrinkle reduction. If you have not tried Face Yoga before, check out our YouTube channel (Koko Hayashi) below to give you an idea of how it works.  Booth #413 on January 4th, 2020. Time is to be TBD. Purchase tickets here: https://theyogaexpo.org/event_los_angelesA Little More Information: Face Yoga is a great and natural alternative to Botox or plastic surgery. Did you know that only 20% of your facial muscles are actively used by regular facial expressions? That means the other 80% attached to the skull start sagging due to gravity and age. The idea of Face Yoga is to wake up those sleeping muscles to counteract sagging. You will also learn how to train and stretch your facial muscles, which improves the skin’s elasticity and helps with wrinkle reduction. Learn how to control your facial muscles and own them! Koko Hayashi, founder and instructor of Face Yoga with Koko, was born and raised in Japan. Having practiced Face Yoga for over a decade and experiencing the benefits, both physically and mentally, she decided to bring the practice to the United States in 2017. This will be a casual class and very fun! No yoga mat or additional items are required. Subscribe to our YouTube (Koko Hayashi), so you will know what the exercises are like in advance.