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Hair Brush & Liner Refill Bundle

Hair Brush & Liner Refill Bundle

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  • COMPLETE BUNDLE: includes 1 natural wood handle hair brush and 2X biodegradable Hair Brush Liner refills.

  • NATURAL STATIC CONTROL: reduce static electricity so no more messy hair!

  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO DRY SHAMPOO: easily keep your brush clean and deodorize your hair with the natural power of Persimmon extract. No more harmful aerosols!

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  • Mirai Clinical featured alongside four other prominent logos, indicating collaborations or media mentions in notable platforms.
  • Story-themed image illustrating the transformative journey of using Mirai Clinical's deodorizing hair brush liner, emphasizing its benefits against body odor and its unique nonenal-combatting properties.
  • Mirai Clinical's 'Brush Liner Manga', showcasing its unique design inspired by manga aesthetics, ideal for precise and artistic applications.
  • Artistic depiction of the 'Brush Liner Manga 3', a uniquely designed brush liner inspired by manga artistry, emphasizing its precision and style.
  • Detail view of a hair brush liner highlighting its three main features or benefits, designed for optimal hair care and styling.
Dr. Yoko from Mirai Clinical displaying the brand's Hair Brush Liner, designed with expertise for optimal hair care

"Aging odor doesn't come from poor hygiene. It's just skin's natural aging process." - Dr. Yoko, Mirai Clinical's Medical Advisor


Thousands of raving fans

  • User-contributed photo of three women sharing their positive experiences with Mirai Clinical's Hair Brush Liner, emphasizing its role in their collective hair care routines.
  • Customer testimonial on Mirai Clinical's Hair Brush Liner: A heartfelt review detailing the benefits and performance of our deodorizing hair brush liner, emphasizing its role in enhancing hair care.