Attention Salon Owners: A Cleaner Salon & Happier Clients



Using Mirai's Hair Brush Liners with Persimmon means:

  • No more dirty brushes!

  • Keep hair clean with nature's favorite purifying agent, Persimmon Extract, that doubles as a powerful antiseptic to fight off viruses, which was studied by Hiroshima University.

  • Prevents static.

"A game-changing Liner that cleans your brush AND your hair." - New Beauty

    Are you keeping your Salon from being one of the best? 

    These easy to change sheets are an eco-friendly alternative to aerosol products. The cotton used is 100% cellulose with the highest biodegradability. It is made from annual grass that does not lead to deforestation.  

    Eco-friendly Liners sheets

    There are better brushes. See the best types of brushes:

    Our hair brush liners work on many brush types, but not on bristle or thick pinned brushes. 

    hair brush liners
    Deodorizing Hair Brush Liners
    Japanese secrets - Hair Brush Liners
    Deodorizes Hair with Japanese Liners sheets

    How to Use:

    Mirai's Hair Brush LinersEasily attach onto the hair brush. As you brush, you will begin to see the sheet turn dark indicating it is ready to be changed. The number of sheets used with each will depend on the hair brush, but usually only one or two sheets  is required.
    Replace Hair Brush Liners Replace as needed, but minimum in between each client. 
    Hair Brush Liners


    Wholesale prices for 30 sheets/unit start at:

    • 1-9 units: $12:00 each (regular retail price)

    • 10-49 units: $9.00 each (25% off)

    • 50 units or more: $6.00 each (50% off)
    • and shipping at $15.00

    Example: 50 units (1,500 sheets) X $6/unit = $300 (20 cents/1 sheet)