Just add this to your hairbrush and cleaning will be much easier.

Just add this to your hairbrush and cleaning will be much easier.

Have you ever gotten frustrated with hairbrushes that just seem to have a lot of hair stuck in them and those which you found it's hard to remove the old hair from?

Hair Brush

Or maybe you've even had vacuum cleaners that have lots of hair... sometimes you have to take the hair out with pins or even scissors.


What if we told you that there was a much easier way to keep your brush and room cleaner?

Mirai Clinical's hair brush liners is the way!

1. EASILY keep the brush clean.

How to use hair brush liner

Every time the fallen hairs are stuck on the brush, replace the liner. NewBeauty calls it "A Game-Changing Liner That Cleans Your Brush and Your Hair".

The cotton liner is made from annual grass trees, so they do not contribute to deforestation and each liner is highly biodegradable as well. 

2. Keep the room CLEAN.

Sweeper with Hair

Have you ever noticed how much hair gets on the floor especially in the bathroom where you dry your hair? Thanks to the liner which gathers fallen hair, you could be looking at a floor that's even easier to clean!

3. FASTER drying.

Drying Hair


As an additional benefit, it'll make the drying time faster as well! When you dry your hair with an electric dryer, brush the hair with your hair brush liner while blowing the hair with the dryer. This way, the moisture from the hair will be absorbed into the cotton, instead of being on the hair waiting to being dried.

4. Easier STYLING & No more STATIC.

Styling with Hair Brush Liner

When you dry your hair with Mirai's hair brush liner, try to blow from the top down. This way, the dryer forces the hair to style down as well. This is especially recommended if you want to have straighter hair.

No more annoying static if you are in cold area too!

Static Hair

5. Keep the hair FRESH and ODOR FREE.

Brush with Liner

The liners contain Japanese persimmon which has been clinically proven to eliminate all kinds of body odor including Nonenal (now·nee·nuhl), odor associated with aging. Marie Claire says an alternative to dry shampoo. Yahoo says "The Weird Japanese way to Dry Clean Your Hair", haha! 😅

Mirai Clinical hair brush liner 3 women brushing hair with the liner

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