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Magnetic Soap Bar Holder

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  • DOUBLES the life of your soap bars and cuts your costs in HALF!
  • Simple, stylish, and compact.
  • Easy assembly.

If messy soap dishes with accumulated soap scum and leftovers annoy you to no end...And you constantly:
  • drop slippery bars,
  • use up your soap too fast, and
  • have this issue all over your home
We've just released our NEW, Mirai Clinical magnetic soap bar holder!
This magnetic soap bar holder is an easy long-term storage option for soap bars all over your home. Possibly the best benefit is that you get more out of each bar, and it saves you a ton of money. 
Will this use-extending mount, coupled with our attractive bulk soap purchase options, you really can double the life of every bar! 
Think about it: how much of your soap bars are wasted, when it melts down in your dish? How much soap can't be salvaged, because it hardened and dried out in the tray?
Our new magnetic soap bar puts these issues in the past.
With a super-simple installation process, and magnets to air-dry every bar of soap, you can finally squeeze more value out of each bar you buy for your home. 
With a strong and stick 3M adhesive backing, you can install it in any place that needs soap in your home!


DOUBLE the life of every soap bar you buy, thereby doubling savings, convenience, and HALVING your soap costs!

EXTEND the life of every soap bar you use, so you save lots of money and reduce the frequency of going shopping. NEVER again clean soap scum or dried, hardened remains from your soap dish

QUICK & EASY installation - just peel & stick! No drills, screws, or nails required MULTI-PURPOSE use - Mirai Clinical magnetic soap holder can be used in your kitchen, garage sink or guest bathroom SMALL & DURABLE - this magnetic dot is made of study metal that takes up next to no space on your wall! Unlike other magnetic mounts, ours is barely noticeable, compact, and easy to use.

How to Install the Mirai Clinical Magnetic Soap Bar Holder

Step 1. Choose an ideal location to mount the magnetic bar holder, making sure the spot on the wall is a dry, flat surface.
Step 2. Peel off the protective sticker backing, exposing the adhesive 3M strip. Adhere the 3M strip to the dry, flat space on the wall, in your desired location. Make sure to press and hold sturdily for 5-10 seconds.
Step 3. Remove the circular piece from the magnet, and press it deeply into your soap bar. Next, test the magnet, ensuring it holds your bag.
Step 4. Enjoy double savings, convenience, and simplicity!

Two Mirai Clinical Soap Bar Examples That Go Perfectly With Our New Magnetic Mount

At Mirai Clinical, we’ve got an entire line of soaps, body washes, shampoos and more that help you clean, deodorize, and refresh your body… all without the use of harmful chemicals. In fact, we’ve assembled a long list of natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and body, without using:
  • synthetic surfactants,
  • synthetic preservatives,
  • artificial fragrances, or
  • synthetic polymers
Coupling the new magnetic soap bar holder with our proprietary soap ingredients, you get double the use out of each bar. 
The two best soap bar products we offer, that go perfectly with this new magnetic holder, are the following: 

1. Purifying & Deodorizing Soap Bar (for Sensitive Skin)

This is a special soap bar, that eliminates aging odor (called Nonenal) as well as vaginal and foot odors.
It’s hand-crafted in Japan by soap artisans, to protect its moisturizing ingredients… leaving your skin soft and silky!
We offer attractive discounts if you’d like to buy in bulk, in quantities of four, six, and eight… saving you 10, 15, or 20%!
This increases your soap bar’s use even further, when using our magnetic holder!

2. Deodorizing Soap Bar with Persimmon

This is another special soap bar, with persimmon extract, that’s especially effective at treating odor issues, and is also hand-crafted by Japanese soap artisans. The persimmon extract soap is sulfate-free, and uses no skin-unfriendly chemicals. You can rest assured knowing that everything coming out of this soap bar is extremely beneficial for your skin, and also works to eliminate Nonenal (aging odor). We also offer the same attractive bulk discounts in quantities of four, six, and eight for this bar, saving you 10, 15, or even 20%!


- 3M adhesive sticker platform, with simple installation
- Magnetic disc that holds soap bars in place and keeps them attached to your mount
- No screws, drills, screwdrivers, or nails required
- Small circumference: no extra space is wasted
- Made for your shower -- all-metal pieces; no wood