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not your typical face wash !

INCREDIBLE value. one pump is enough, and I’d even try to get away with half a pump, if possible ! incredible lather, and this IS concentrated , so you will have leftover product, maybe wash your hands? THESE INGREDIENTS ARE HIGH QUALITY! if you research each ingredients attributes, you’ll find thus makes the perfect wash for ANY skin type ! my face felt so hydrated, silky soft, FRESH with NO residue behind. this one face wash eliminated my need to tone, so even if you feel the need to moisturize, you can rest assured, your toned 🙂 I didn’t have the slightest bit of that itchy tight feeling found in other washes. .MIRAI CLINICAL is a hidden GEM! my skin was left so smooth and even toned, I was able to skip my primer under makeup! less IS more! Mirai Clinical, thank you for this life changing product , my sensitive acne prone skin has thanked me over and over. where have you been all my life? !?!

Review By: Lisa Jordan – Clarks Summit, PA, United States

Love the face wash

This wash makes my skin feel really clean and soft immediately after use. You do need only a very small amount so one bottle while it might seem pricey lasts a very long time. Great value!

Review By: Linda Garcia – Honolulu, Hawaii – Honolulu

Highly Recommend!! *

Please don’t hesitate in ordering this product. It is excellent. Will always have it in my showers & baths. *

Review By: Theresa

Persimmon soap *

Sorry to say but the persimmion soap did absolutely nothing for me. Am now using a different type of soap which isn’t doing any good either. Help!! I am 60 and have had this odor for 2 years. *

Review By: Doris


Very effective for me, I’m 38 and I don’t suffer of “Nonenal” but I used it as normal deodorant for under my arms. It did the job and I was sure it is safe and made of natural ingredients unlike the regular deodorants which contain harmfull chemicals. This prevented the odour and I didn’t need my regular deodorant. It is in a small bottle but I think it is highly concentrated as I listened to Koko’s advice to me to use a little amount “less is more” .*

Review By: Hazel

Product is very good*

Product is gentle and has a light/soft fragrance. Description of the product rings true!! Will purchase again in the future.*

Review By: Mihaela

5.0 out of 5 starsMirai Body Spritzer Is Worth The Money*

I give this product 5 stars because it meets my expectations. This is a unique product and I will definitely try it again.*

Review By: Debbie

Clean fragrance*

So refreshing!!!! Great to carry with you for a pick-up at the end of the day, and then on to fun.*

Review By: Rhonda

Excellent !*

Love their products. They smell wonderful. I take them with me when traveling to tropical climates.*

Review By: Jamie

Five Stars*

Works well*

Review By: Sheila

Great spritzer — great results*

Odorless spray seems to work very well. My only complaint is that the bottle of spritzer is too small. I’d like much more of the Purifying & Deodorizing Body Spritzer solution; therefore, a larger bottle would be ideal. I also purchased a bottle of Mirai Clinical Formula purifying body wash which I found entirely satisfying and would buy again.*

Review By: Erika

Exactly like advertised!*

The product is light and does not have all the heavy perfumes that are in most products. Natural, without massive chemicals that I do not want to spread on my body*

Review By: Juanita

5 Stars*

It works amazing for my dry skin*

Review By: Kim

Excellent product!*

Fantastic light scent, great smooth application.*

Review By: Amalia

Five Stars*

it works truly it does. a bit costly but good*

Review By: Veronica

I would highly recommend this product*

I have been using the product for several months and can say without hesitation that the product does work. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I would highly recommend this product.*

Review By: Thelma

Great !*

This was my second bottle of Mirai. I would order it again*

Review By: Elaine

5.0 out of 5 stars this solved problems I had would recommend*

I am writing this review even before I receive it since it is my second order. this solved the problems I had and would recommend it highly. love the way it smells and the cleanness I feel after using it. I know men don’t like admitting having an odor problem but guys it works. so man up and buy it.*

Review By: Roger

This seems very good for the skin*

This seems very good for the skin, and I love its light fragrance. I wish I could afford to use it every day!*

Review By: Edna

Great for men*

Great product for Senior men. Always gives a fresh smell and eliminates the odor produced by older men. Wonderful.*

Review By: Michael

This soap is incredible!*

This soap does exactly as it says it will do. Any problem with body odor will be resolved. Used twice daily, it will not last 2 months, but it is worth every dime!*

Review By: Bonnie

Body odor*

This is a great soap to used if you are going thru menopause or if you have bad body odor this will help with that, it will get you very clean and fresh, I would buy again from this seller, my item came very fast*

Review By: Andra

Love the soap -just what I needed*

Lovely product. The soap is different than other soaps and has a mile smell that really works well with every body type.*

Review By: Penelope Lopez

Couldn’t be happier*

I have struggled for a while through various deodorants and powders and vitamins and supplements to combat my changing body order which I believe is due to perimenopause. Two years ago I didn’t even use deodorant (I tend to enjoy natural body odor) but in the past year I have noticed a change in over all scent which has been quite troublesome. My Persimmon bar arrived yesterday and I showered with it this morning and I have to say this is the first time all year that I smell like myself again. This soap does not, for me at least, erase all odor, and I don’t want it to. What is seems to have done is tackle the sharp, bitter, kind of sour smell that I’ve been dealing with. I now have a small, natural amount of odor which is warm and a little spicy/sweet again which makes me INSANELY HAPPY! I will definitely be buying and using this soap regularly. Thank you Mirai!*

Review By: Julia