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by Koko Hayashi

Are you covering your face with food wrap?

One of the harmful cosmetic ingredient commonly found in many skincare products, is Synthetic Polymer!!, which is used to make skin look smoother. It’s the same ingredient used in clear plastic food wrap.

This synthetic clings to the skin and it is not easy to rinse off, killing off good bactera, and damaging your skin’s natural enviroement. In other words, this guy kills good bacteria (good inhabitant) on the skin!! So if you use cosmetics including this, that means you have food wrap substance on the skin. You might feel your skin gets smoother, but it is just because of the synthetic wrap substance. Let’s stop using food wrap on the skin!

Examples of synthetic polymers

  • Dimethicone (—“cone” are often kinds of synthetic polymers.)
  • Carbomer
  • Siloxane
  • Acrylamide