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About Mirai Clinical

Mirai Clinical (mr · ai) is a female-founded, minority-owned small business that offers solutions to help you feel clean, fresh, and confident, so you can improve your well-being. With age comes wisdom, and we are your companion on this journey.

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Visual depiction of rich persimmon extract, a key ingredient in Mirai Clinical formulations recognized for its potent deodorizing benefits.

Skin Friendly Ingredients

Mirai follows rigorous guidelines for selecting, sourcing and processing our product ingredients. In addition to their purity and safety, our ingredients are chosen to effectively boost your skin’s own natural abilities to hydrate, nourish, and defend for long term skin beauty and health.

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Mirai Clinical Purifying Deodorizing Soap Bar with Japanese Persimmon Extract for Nonenal Body Odor.

Why Persimmon Extract?

Nonenal (now · nee · nuhl) is a common body odor caused by aging as antioxidant defenses weaken. This odor is difficult to remove with regular soaps, but our clinically tested Persimmon (pr · si · muhn) Extract is particularly effective in eliminating Nonenal, and will leave skin squeaky clean and freshly hydrated.

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Body Care

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  • Customer showcasing Mirai Clinical soap bar, highlighting its effectiveness for reducing nonenal and body odor.

    Kathryn V

    I love this soap! Eliminating “old people smell” caught my attention as I’m in that age group now. Thank you for a good product that helps me feel clean and more confident.

  • Rhayne showcasing Mirai Clinical body wash, emphasizing its effectiveness for reducing nonenal and body odor.

    Rhayne T

    This body wash does exactly what it claims to do. Keeps you smelling clean and fresh. Smells so good, love it!

  • Customer using Mirai Clinical brush liner, demonstrating its precision and effectiveness for beauty routines.

    Maryann G.

    The brush's bristles go through my hair easily and get out the tangles effortlessly! The liners keep my brush clean and like new! I just love these products!

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