Body Odor Associated with Aging | Nonenal

Body Odor Associated with Aging

As skin ages, its anti-oxidant powers are reduced. Nonenal is a peculiar body odor that can develop when the skin’s fatty acids are oxidized. An unpleasant, grassy odor, Nonenal is often hard to detect on oneself, but will linger on fabric such as shirt collars and pillow cases.


Because it is oil (not sweat) based, Nonenal cannot be easily removed by conventional soaps. You can be squeaky clean, and still have Nonenal.


Natural Remedy from Japan

Japanese persimmon is prized in Japan for being more than a delicious fruit. It’s also used to remove all kinds of unpleasant odors, including Nonenal. It is also a natural antiseptic and sanitizer.


The deodorizing power of persimmon have been harnessed in Mirai Clinical body cleansers.

Purifying & Deodorizing Body Wash Japanese Persimmon

The only body soap in the U.S. with Japanese persimmon extract which instantly eliminates Nonenal, aging odor.


Free of sulfates and harmful chemicals.

With green tea, olive oil, and hydrolyzed collagen that soothe, soften, and hydrate skin.

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Clinically Proven Results

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