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    Bar chart visualizing the potent benefits of persimmon extract, a key ingredient in Mirai Clinical's product range, highlighting its efficacy in neutralizing nonenal and combating body odor, showcasing the brand's research-backed commitment to deodorizing solutions.

    Nature’s Purifying & Deodorizing Agent

    A potent antioxidant and loaded with vitamins, Persimmon Extract has traditionally been used in Japan for its naturally purifying and deodorizing benefits. This prized, natural ingredient is particularly effective in eliminating Nonenal, the source of hormonal imbalance or aging body odor, leaving skin squeaky clean and freshly hydrated.

    This chart shows Mirai’s persimmon tannin is significantly more effective in reducing various causes of body odor, including Nonenal, than regular soaps.

    Chart showing how Persimmon Tannin and Green Tea work together to fight nonenal odor all day long.

    Mirai Helps Prevent Nonenal Instantly And Deodorizes All Day Long

    Fortified with purified Japanese Green Tea, Mirai offers the only products in the U.S. which eliminate Nonenal and other troublesome body odors instantly, and offers fresh results, all day long.

    Not all ingredients are created equal.

    While it is true that persimmon juice has been traditionally used for its deodorizing properties in Japan, many mass-produced versions of the extract or even just persimmon juice without processing or formulating do not effectively eliminate Nonenal odor. This is because these juices are not carefully harvested, processed, and clinically tested in the same way as our persimmon extract at Mirai Clinical.

    Photo capturing the annual harvest of ripe persimmons, the key ingredient in Mirai Clinical products, showcased in their natural setting.

    Exclusive Harvesting

    Our persimmon extract is sourced exclusively from Japanese farms that we have partnered with, where the fruit is selectively harvested each Fall and brought to our facilities for processing and formulation.

    Image showcasing persimmon extract, which is clinically tested and formulated for its effective deodorizing properties in Mirai Clinical products.

    Processing at Our Partner Facilities

    We follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices at our lab to ensure that our persimmon extract is of the highest quality and effectiveness. This dedication to quality and patented technologies are what set our persimmon extract apart from others, and allow us to confidently offer a product that delivers on its promise of maximum deodorizing benefits.

    Mirai Clinical’s Koko Hayashi Explains The Power Of Japanese Persimmon On KTLA In Los Angeles.