How to wash down there

How to wash down there!

How to wash down there!

We know this is not common to talk about, and some people might get offended, if so, sorry! but today I’m, going to explain how to clean down there.

It’s such an embarrassing topic, but we realized that it’s important to understand how to do so in correct way for your health, right? You never know if the way you do is correct or not. We just want to help people who are having any issue there, because Mirai Clinical is not afraid of speaking up!


Step 1: Rinse with water down there.
Step 2: Get some gentle soap or body wash on your fingers.
Step 3: Gently clean around vagina lips which are called labia. Make sure that you clean the outside of the labia and inside if your labia is long enough to clean.
Step 4: Move up to around clitoris. Make sure clean inside the folds there.
Step 5: Move down to the path between vagina and anus.
Step 7: Clean anus.
Step 8: Rinse with water fully.

Obviously, Mirai Clinical&s Japanese persimmon that is clinically tested for powerful deodorant is perfect for eliminating vaginal odor!

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