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Opt for White Brush | The best hair oil for you in the world is…

Answer: Your own scalp oil

If you have long hair, it’s easy to get split ends and dry, broken hair. You could apply hair oil or some kind of special treatment, but those are just cosmetics that are temporarily covering up the damage from outside.

If cosmetics just cover up damage, what oil should you use to help take care of your hair? The answer is your own scalp oil. In fact, your own scalp oil is the best hair oil in the world for you.

Here are a couple of natural haircare methods that use your own scalp oil, a.k.a. the best hair care oil for you.

Method #1: Brush your hair with 50 strokes or more every day.

Brushing your hair distributes your scalp oil down to the shaft and then to the ends of your hair, which is where the oil is most needed.

Also, anytime you create stimulation at the scalp, you increase blood circulation which promotes hair growth. That’s another anti-aging benefit of brushing your hair. I also try to make it a habit to brush my hair while I’m watching YouTube, TV, or whenever else I can throughout the day.

Method #2: Choose a white hair brush.

Why should you choose a white hair brush? Well, in addition to distributing scalp oil to the ends of your hair, another purpose of brushing your hair is to remove dirt. You want to see how much dirt ends up on the brush, right? If the brush is a dark color, you can’t see how much dirt is on it and you keep using the same brush every day without ever knowing how dirty it really is! However, if your hair brush is white, you can actually see the dirt on the brush so you know when to clean it.

I’ve been using this white one. This is actually a plastic brush that I got for free from a hotel. I wash this brush every week.

If you cannot find a white brush, use a soft, elastic bandage to clean the bristles of the dark colored brush. This is better than just using a dark colored brush because you can keep the brush clean every time you use it. However, I still think the white one is better because the brush bar area gets dirty even if you use a bandage to clean the bristles of the dark brush

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