Our Face Serum Introduced at Joyus

Check out the video below!

Life can be really overhelming . We’ve all got kids , we’ve all got careers , partners, friends ,we’re all time starved, so anything that can streamline and multi task my beauty routine gets a front row seat in my medicine cabinet. These three in one product from Mirai  is a toner, a moisturizer and a serum and it’s a beauty over achiever.

Mirai from Japan is loaded up with botanicals that are proving to help prevent and diminish dry skin , age spots and wrinkle formation .

The secret , the  world’s most powerful antioxidant , Astaxanthin ! It is 6000 times more potent ten Vitamin C .You can use this day and night or underneath your makeup as a primer , beacause it doesn’t leave any sticky residue . I actually heard that modern Geisha’s inJapan use this underneath their make up to give a smooth application .Now obviously i am not a Geisha but i used id today and i love the way may make up went on .

When you came across a product that says light latte and concentrated as this one , you only need a little bit ,  so this bottle is going to last you a long time and it’s TSA  friendly .

It’s potent , it’s natural and it’s a multitasker and in this time crunched world, who couldn’t used that ?! “


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