Appointed as one of the 13 Japanese Global Products by Japanese Ministry


Japan is ‘more than’ Fujiyama, samurai, sushi and geisha

As a global dynamic city, Tokyo will host the Olympics in 2020. In preparation for the Olympics, we asked people outside of Japan what comes to mind when thinking of Japan. Their answers primarily included Mt. Fuji, samurai, sushi, and geisha.

This limited vision of Japan inspired the launch of the ‘More Than’ Project, which has been supported by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since 2014. The ‘More Than’ Project was founded to support Japanese brands spreading all over the world and to show that Japan is so much more than Mt. Fuji and sushi.  

Mirai Clinical ( is a “less is more” skin care and body care company from Japan. Mirai Clinical produces and distributes cosmetics that use traditional Japanese ingredients. In addition, Mirai Clinical combines traditional manufacturing processes with advanced science to provide superior quality skin care and body care experiences in the U.S. In fact, the Japanese Ministry selected Mirai Clinical to promote their Purifying & Deodorizing Persimmon Bar in the U.S.

Mirai Clinical carries multiple products, but here are a few reasons why their soap bar was selected include:

  1. Their soap bars are manufactured at a factory in Japan using traditional manufacturing processes. Traditional manufacturing processes require time-consuming kneading by hand, months for the drying period and one-by-one manual brushing. These practices require more time and manpower but make keeping sensitive active ingredients inside the soap possible. This gentle approach contrasts with harsher, more mechanical processes common in the U.S. that dry out soap quickly and require synthetic ingredients to maintain aesthetics.
  2. The active ingredient in Mirai Clinical’s deodorant is persimmon. Mirai Clinical carefully produces and tests their permission for deodorant results in Japan before formulating their final product. Persimmon has been used in deodorant for centuries in Japan and persimmon deodorant is a huge market in Japan.

Persimmon deodorant is clinically proven to eliminate all kinds of body odors, including odors originating from the armpit, groin, feet, and nonenal (no-nay-nal), the cause of odor that occurs with age. Aging odor doesn’t come from poor hygiene but from deteriorated antioxidants. Mirai Clinical is on a mission to teach Americans a successful approach to treat changing body odor that cannot be washed off with regular soaps.

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