Don’t Depend on Sunscreens

Sunscreens don’t block out harmful UVA rays completely. You must also use some physical blocks.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that applying a sunscreen means your face is fully protected. No sunscreen is perfect. In fact, the FDA is considering banning the term “sun block” because it’s misleading. Since 80% of premature aging is a result of sun exposure, please try using physical blocks in addition to your sunscreen. The Japanese take protection from the sun very seriously. To Westerners, some of their practices may look extreme.
  • Besides sunglasses, the Japanese wear big hats, hand gloves, arm covers, and also pack an umbrella.Both women and men use special umbrellas which protect from UVA rays, although regular umbrellas work fine. And also serve to cool down temperatures.There are special umbrellas that can attach to bikes,and even to wheelchairs! Japan has one the highest life expectancy in the world, so protecting skin beauty is ageless.It is common to see Japanese women wearing hand gloves and arm covers during the day.Look at this hardworking mother! She is fully protected with arm cover, gloves, hat, and umbrella while riding her bike.
  • There are laundry detergents to strengthen sunscreen power of your clothes. UV sensors are popular, too. Women attach the sensor to their phones and are warned of sun exposure.
  • More extreme examples include face mask:Just be mindful how you incorporate sun protection into your daily life. Again, 80% of skin aging comes from UV rays. While it’s also true you can get Vitamin D by exposing your skin to UV rays, you can more safely do so on less frequently exposed areas like your legs or back. In fact, taking a Vitamin D supplement and having a balanced diet,  should be sufficient.