What’s in Mirai’s advanced Japanese formulas?

Why does maturing skin need extra care?

How is Mirai different from other skin and bodycare products?

How does Mirai help defend from signs of aging you can’t see?

Powered by Nature, Proven by Science

Mirai assimilates the latest in anti-aging science with active botanicals that purify, protect, nourish, and defend. The powerhouses of Mirai’s advanced Japanese formulas include:

Astaxanthin (‘as-ta-zan-thin’) (clinical data)

Harvested from micro algae, astaxanthin is the most powerful known antioxidant. Mirai’s astaxanthin is 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C, 550 times stronger than Vitamin E, and 800 times stronger than CoQ10, in providing antioxidant protection and anti-aging support.

Persimmon Tannins (clinical data)

A potent antioxidant and loaded with vitamins, Persimmon extract is prized for its naturally purifying and deodorizing benefits, and is particularly effective in eliminating Nonenal, the source of hormonal imbalance body odor, leaving your skin clean and freshly hydrated.

Green Tea

While in itself a powerful antioxidant, highly purified green tea is used in Mirai products primarily to boost and maintain the efficacy of
our natural ingredients. Green Tea is also a potent antiseptic and helps protect the skin by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation.

Mirai formulas help minimize the signs of skin aging by:

  • Improving firmness and elasticity.
  • Restoring smoothness and suppleness.*
  • Controlling age spots.*
  • Reducing puffiness.*
  • Preventing and reducing the presence of UV induced wrinkles.*
  • Eliminating and preventing body odor.**

And support skin health by:

  • Increasing moisture retention.*
  • Protecting the skin from free radical cell damage.*
  • Balancing oil control.*
  • Increasing the skin’s ability to retain important nutrients.*

* Tested by Fuji Health Science, Inc.
**Tested by Rilis Co., Ltd.