Jenna, You Are Wrong | The Secret of Her YouTube Success

Recently, Google honored us with the incredible opportunity to interview Jenna Marbles, the top female YouTuber in the world.

If you don’t already know, Jenna’s YouTube channel has more than 15M subscribers, making it the seventh most subscribed channel on YouTube and the #1 channel operated by a woman. She shows funny comedies, stories, beauty tips, etc. and came to Japan to teach our YouTubers how to grow. We were selected as one of these lucky students.

When I was interviewing her, I was the most impressed by her beauty secret. I simply asked her what her beauty secret was and she replied, “Lots and lots of makeup!” Of course, she has a great sense of humor that can be seen in her many videos, such as her video “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” However, I must disagree with Jenna’s witty answer. Her real beauty is her genuine smile.


I’m sure that Jenna was very busy and tired during her hectic Japan trip, but her smile was so real. She expressed her genuine feelings completely through her smile, hand gestures, and general body language. By looking at her in person, I was able to tell that she was enjoying the moment and appreciating the opportunity to meet new people in Tokyo. I was surprised to see her treating new people as if they were her old friends. She did this kind of thing naturally and was just so friendly and funny to everyone. No wonder she is a YouTube star.

Her YouTube success may depend on the unique contents she offer, but the real secret behind her success is her authentic smile. Her followers (including us!) are always intrigued by her smile. We already know that real beauty comes from the inside, but it was refreshing to meet real person who truly embodies the idea of inner beauty.

The picture above is a bit embarrassing, but it shows Jenna’s beautifully genuine smile and my nervous smile. It’s not like she is using a lot of facial muscles to make her smile bigger, but rather her smile reveals her true emotions. As you might be able to tell, I was a little nervous when this photo taken. Perhaps I need to watch her videos and just laugh more!

Anyway, thank you so much Jenna for being a real example of inner beauty and we cannot wait to watch more of your videos!




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