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"If you’re a clean beauty enthusiast, you probably already know that finding non-toxic and cruelty-free options for some personal care items is harder compared to others."

22 Best Natural Deodorant for Women
Clean Beauty Gals - July 10, 2020

“Skipping moisturizer completely once a week, or reducing the amount, helps to wake up your skin’s natural ability to hydrate and balance from within.”

The #NoBuy Beauty Movement Is Set To Shake Up Your Skincare Routine
Victoria Hall - May 29, 2019

"There are so many next-big-things in beauty right now, it’s hard to predict what’ll truly be next. But Koko Hayashi is hoping it will be persimmon extract, which she describes as having astonishing powers over body odor in her Mirai Clinical Deodorizing Soap with Persimmon.”

Is your persimmon soap infused with geisha wisdom? The precious world of artisanal beauty.
Libby Copeland - May 22, 2016

"People have five senses that let them know they are aging. And while the market is flooded with products to fight the appearance of age, Mirai Clinical is breaking through with an exclusive line to banish the smell of aging."

Japanese Secret Eliminates 'Old People Smell’; Mirai Clinical Product Banishes Smell Associated with Aging
Mad Vine Media Financial Content - June 25, 2015

"When my grandmother was living with me I became very close with her... When my friends came to visit me at our house, they made fun of her smell saying it was different. After I became an adult, I learned that the smell the kids referred to was called nonenal."

How I Created A $100K/Month Soap Bar To Treat Body ODor
Koko Hayashi - June 9, 2021

"This shampoo gets rid of unwanted odors from the scalp due to the presence of Japanese persimmon extract among its ingredients. Natural ingredients boost hair hydration and soften hair."

Best Hair Care Products From 12 Trusted International Brands
Sara Taha - November 3, 2019

"Sold in sets, the Japanese CBD line of bath bombs come in three scents -- eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender. Each are equally as soothing when added to a lukewarm bath. A good night's sleep is almost assured."

The Big Chill: CBD-based products with healing benefits that make their demand, well, high
Erin Michelle Newberg - October 24, 2019

"Keep your home looking its best this spring."

Our home care collection featured in the Boca Raton Tribune.

"If suddenly you perceive me as 10 years younger, well, that’s great too. But most of all, I like the way my hair feels incredibly soft, less frizzy, and it smells so fresh! "

This Shampoo May Make You Seem Younger!
Advice Sisters - April 11, 2021