Is Beauty Only Skin Deep? What American Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It protects you from microbes, and the elements, and regulates your temperature, among other functions. As a result, caring for your skin is an incredibly important part of your routine, especially as you grow older. Unfortunately, though, many of the skincare products available in America do more harm than good. And that happens under your skin’s surface.

Most skincare products here in the U.S. are full of synthetic ingredients. These synthetics give you the illusion of instantaneous results, but the effects are short-term. The skin’s turnover is at least 28 days, which means that it’s impossible to see a result immediately; as you age, this turnover time grows even longer. Any changes you might see are temporary and don’t indicate any lasting improvement to the skin. In fact, they might even indicate harm: some synthetics can be damaging to the skin, and the more one uses them, the more are needed to cover up these negative effects. This becomes a vicious cycle that can truly harm your skin.

Of course, skincare companies and advertisers don’t want consumers to know that their products can have negative effects. Like any addictive substance, these products give an instant level of satisfaction; in doing so, they make you want to use them even more. Many skincare companies aim is to sell, with no regard to the long-term impact on the skin’s health.

As a consumer, the best thing you can do is get educated about the types of products you use, and what healthy, natural alternatives are available to you. As you grow older and it takes more time for your skin to regenerate, it’s even more important to use wholesome ingredients in your skincare. Take your skin’s health into your hands and show it the care it deserves, starting today, with Mirai Clinical skin care.

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