Can our age be detected by our scent? It's possible. What is Nonenal?

Can our Age be Detected by our Scent? …..Possibly

Can our Age be Detected by our Scent? …..Possibly

Over the years the elderly have been associated with wisdom, kindness and sometimes even a distinct odor. Well that odor is actually scientifically a characteristic of some adults over the age of 40 called Nonenal also known as “older adult smell”.

This specific body odor called kareishu in Japan has been long talked about with no well known cure, until now.

Charlene Brannon, Ph.D., former professor of food chemistry at the University of Washington and scientific advisor at Mirai Clinical answers the question, “Why Causes Older Adult Smell? Here.

Many people have tried various methods to rid themselves of the effects of Nonenal such as taking a lot of showers with regular soap, normal and even extra strength  body washes with no change. It has been proven that Japanese Persimmon Extract can effectively cure the embarrassment and unpleasant smell that aging odor causes. 

Although this challenge has been studied and researched heavily in Japan, it is still fairly new to the US and for that reason there are very little companies that provide a solution to older adult smell. Mirai Clinical, a US company founded by Japanese skin care expert, Koko Hayashi has in fact developed the solution through their Mirai’s Purifying & Deodorizing Body Bar and Mirai’s Purifying Body Wash.

For information visit us at Mirai Clinical.

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