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Weight Loss Tip #1: Boost Brown Fat Cells

Do you know anything about white and brown fat cells? They are hot topics in the science industry and trend-loving Japanese are already introducing some new weight loss methods that use white and brown fat cells.

First of all, there are two kinds of cells in your fat.

White fat cells are the ones that store excess calories so you still have energy even when you’re hungry.

On the other hand, brown fat cells are the ones that release hormones to boost metabolism. They are almost like fat burning muscles. When they’re activated, they start eating white fat cells and convert them to brown fat cells.

Aren’t brown fat cells wonderful! However, brown fat cells are only located in a few locations on your body: the back of your neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, and underarms. Also, the number of these brown fat cells decreases as you age.

Brown Fat Cells - 

Here are a couple of tips to boost your brown fat cells, a.k.a. muscle alike fat cells.

  1. Exercise your shoulder blades.

Build the muscles around the areas where brown fat cells are located. By building your muscles in these areas, you boost the number of brown fat cells in your body. I try to make it a habit to do some shoulder stretches every time I go to bathroom.

  1. Alternate hot and cold water on your neck.

When you take a shower, alternate between hot and cold water. When your body feels cold, it starts warming up and activates brown fat cells. After taking a hot shower, I try to take cold shower, focusing the cold water on my neck. If you haven’t watched the “Weight Loss by Alternating Hot and Cold Baths” video yet, please check it out.

  1. Massage your shoulders with something cold like a frozen water bottle or cold can of soda.

You can do this whenever you feel hot or even in the bath tub. By placing something cold on the areas with brown fat cells, your brain thinks your entire body is cold so it tries to heat it up. This process activates brown fat cells.

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