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Skin-Fast Once A Week

What is “skin-fasting?” It’s as simple as sleeping without moisturizer just one night a week!

“Becoming dependent on products that provide moisture, oils and other skin care lessen your skin’s natural rejuvenation system,” says Dr. Katayama, advisor dermatologist of Mirai Clinical. Our skin has an inherent ability to take care of itself. Sleeping without moisturizer will help strengthen your skin’s recovery power. If you use moisturizer excessively every day, it makes your skin become lazy, because it doesn’t have to produce natural oils on its own. Without moisturizer, the skin will begin to produce natural oils without relying on moisturizer. Your skins natural ability is its best maintenance system. By 'Fasting' you all this natural system to reboot and continue working at its best.

The purpose of skin-fasting is to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier that is weakened by excessive nourishing, to normalize the secretion of natural oils and support the natural rejuvenation process. This natural barrier protects your skin not only from dryness, but also from any other outside stressors, like UV rays, pollution, and cold temperatures.


How to Skin-Fast

1. Wash your face gently at night.
2. Try sleeping one night a week without any skin care products.
3. In the morning, wash your face gently, using only water.
4. Skin-fast only once a week. Excessive fasting can cause drier skin, so do it once or twice a week at most.
5. Make sure that your room has the proper humidity and is not too dry, particularly in the winter. Don't skin-fast, if you are not in good condition.

After skin-fasting, you can check your skin type, by placing tissue on the face in the morning.

A. If the tissue falls off your face just as soon as put in over face, your have dry skin.
B. If you put in on your face and lean over and it falls off, you've got normal skin.
C. If it doesn't fall off your face, even when you do lean over, you have oily skin.

Your goal is to get the result "B". If it's A, you should take extra care of your skin by protecting from UV damage, eating right… If it's C, use more moisturizer. Why? Go to "Use less moisturizer on dry skin".

Our face serum and body serum are specifically designed to be ready for skin fast once a week.

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