The Way You Apply Eye Cream is Wrong

Are You Applying Your Eye Cream Correctly? Or Aging Your Skin?




I’m going to talk about the correct way to apply eye cream , because the way you’re apply your eye cream is probably wrong!


The skin around the eye, compared to other areas, is very thin so it’s easy for it be drier and be more vulnerable to sun damage. It’s also more susceptible to tiny wrinkles, dark circles, and age spots.

While I do exercises for the face, Face Yoga exercises cannot prevent dryness from the outside. So I highly suggest you use Mirai Clinical’s Skin Balancing Sugar Oil or Cherry Blossom Eye Cream around the eyes. 

Are you currently applying eye cream from the inner eye corners to outer corners?  If so, you are actually helping create more eye bags by separating the skin and muscles. Eye bags is caused by the fat around the eyeballs starting to drop, separating from the muscles. So by following the droopy move, you are helping to increase the separation between the skin and muscles. Plus, you are creating friction on your sensitive skin.  Although you may be doing this only one or two times per day, if done daily imagine how many times you are exacerbating this separation!.

Here is the correct way to apply eye cream:

1. Apply the cream on your ring finger. (ring finger gives the most gentle touch.)
2. Gently tap the eye bag area from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner.

If you do the Face Yoga stretch while applying the eye cream, that’s even better. Check the video above to learn how.

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