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5 Tips for mature hair care | Don't massage hair when shampoo

1. Massage the scalp, not the hair when you apply shampoo

Hard massaging damages the cuticle of the hair, which results in fragile hair. It also damages the pores that produce health hair, so you don’t want to damage there either. Hold the fingers on the scalp and move the scalp, instead of moving the hair.

2. Gently brush the hair

When you brush the hair, don’t pull the hair hard. It’s gonna pull the hair from the pores unnecessarily. Hold the top of the hair and brush from the bottom up. To keep eye on how much hair you lose after brushing, you can try our hair brush liner so you can easily see how much hair fallen. 

3. Protect from the sun

We are not saying you should apply sunscreen cream on the hair, but at least wear a hat to protect the scalp. The Japanese are obsessed about sun protection, so they sometimes use umbrellas.

4. Natural, scalp/hair-friendly ingredients (link to shampoo)

"(drain strainer) didn't get clogged... I didn't lose my hair this time, or hardly any." - Pamela S.

5. Keeping it fresh

Avoid stringy fragrance from your shampoo. Nonenal (now · nee · nuhl), the body odor associated with aging often comes from behind ears and back of the neck, so applying shampoo with our Japanese persimmon helps eliminate all kinds of hair odor. 

"I have to wash my wigs often because of the smell but now they don't smell anymore..." - Joette W.

(More reviews reviews about our shampoo)

When it comes to hair care, especially for mature hair, there are more tips that we could apply like above. Let us know if you have other tips!


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