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7 Bad Habits Contributing to Face Asymmetry

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to fix an asymmetrical face and thought I should do more videos about it. Most people, including myself, have asymmetrical faces and I’ve spent a lot of time seeking solutions. Here are some bad habits that contributes to face asymmetry – which you should stop right now!

  • Chewing foods on one side only. If you chew only on, say, the left side, the left facial muscles are built up more while the right-side muscles weaken. Try to consciously chew equally on both sides to support symmetry on the lower half of the face.
  • Sleeping on only one side. Sleeping on your back is the best practice for your face. If that’s hard, try to alternate right and left sides.
  • Using your hand when you sit. Pressuring either side only from the outside changes the bone structure if you repeatedly do so. The best is not to do this, but if you have to do, alternate the hand.
  • Crossing your legs when you sit. The reason you feel the urge to cross your legs is opens up your pelvis. The pelvis is like a big bowl that supports your spine. An open pelvis, meaning a weak base, cannot support a straight spine. A crooked spine leads to a distorted neck and a distorted face. Your body tries to close the pelvis by crossing your legs. Done too often, and your body gets lazy relying on you to cross your legs, rather than self-correcting and closing your pelvis. Just remember that all the body parts are connected to your face!
  • Carrying items on only one arm. You get the drill. Try to use both arms equally.
  • Leaning on either side when you stand. Again, all the body parts are connected, so if the weight on your butt is uneven, your face gets uneven too!
  • iPosturing! Poor posture can result from long hours of looking at your phone. You tend to hunch your neck and a weakened neck leads to weakened face muscles.

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