How is Mirai different from other skin and bodycare products?

Why does maturing skin need extra care?

How does Mirai help defend from signs of aging you can’t see?

The Mirai Difference

Mirai’s 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Face Serum vs. Other Face Serums

Mirai’s Face Serum is an innovative fusion of skin-loving natural ingredients and our “Less is More” Japanese philosophy of skin care. It simplifies your daily regimen by providing toning, moisturizing and age-defying benefits in a single application, and can be used both day and night. The world’s most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin–long heralded in Japan but only now being recognized in the U.S. by cutting-edge physicans such as Drs. Mercola and Perricone–helps prevent and diminish age-spots, wrinkles and dry skin. Many brands offer “overnight” miracles but contain ingredients that are unfriendly to the skin, resulting in long term skin damage. Mirai’s Face Serum is designed to support and and give an added boost your skin’s innate abilities to rejuvenate and restore itself, resulting in naturally radiant, long-term skin health and beauty.

Mirai’s Purifying Body Wash and Purifying Body Bar vs. Other Body Washes and Deodorant Soaps

Mirai’s carefully selected natural ingredients cleanse, hydrate and soften without harming your skin’s natural oil balance, unlike many washes and soaps that contain ingredients that are unfriendly to the skin. In addiition, washes and deodorant soaps may temporarily eliminate body odors but not their source. Mirai’s APG-40 formulation helps naturally eliminate and prevent the sources of body odor, including Nonenal, associated with hormonal changes, leaving you with an pure, confident freshness.

Mirai’s Purifying Body Serum vs. Other Body Lotions and Creams

Mirai’s breakthrough nature-based, age-defying formula moisture quench and nourish your skin throughout the day, while protecting the body from damaging free radicals. Other skin care lotions and creams might use synthetic ingredients that allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper which might be effective in the short term, but in the long run, destroy the skin’s natural barrier resulting in chronically dry or sensitive skin. Mirai’s Purifying Body Serum supports skin health by increasing the skin’s natural abilities to retain moisture and important nutrients, for a lifetime of younger-looking, healthy skin.

Mirai’s Purifying Body Spritzer vs. Other Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Most deodorants cover up, but do not eliminate the sources of body odor including Nonenal. Mirai’s Instantly Purifying Body Spritzer not only
eliminates Nonenal, it absorbs excessive sweat and odor-causing lipid acids. An added benefit: a refreshing grapefruit scent.

The Latest in Anti-Aging Science

A powerhouse Mirai ingredient is Astaxanthin, whose super-antioxidant benefits far exceed those of CoQ10, Beta-carotene, Vitamin E and other widely used antioxidants. This high performance ingredient, processed in Japan, sets Mirai apart from other bodycare products.

Exceptional Ingredients

For maximum effectiveness and safety, Mirai uses only the highest quality, skin-friendly ingredients and no harmful synthetics. Other skin care
products might use synthetic ingredients that allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper; this might be effective in short term,
but in the long run, it destroys skin’s natural barrier to result in chronically dry or sensitive skin. Mirai’s botanical ingredients are is clinically proven to show
instant and long term results.

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