Introduced by More Than Project

More Than Project’s FaceBook introduced us.

Sankyu’s soap artisans take great care when crafting their soap. They consider the ingredients carefully as well as the temperature, humidity, and wind on the day the soap is produced. They also carefully plan the manufacturing process based on the season. It’s just soap, but there’s a spirit behind it you do not find in soaps made by the automated processes that are so common in other countries. Sankyu’s soaps have been produced in this traditional, but very sophisticated, method for over 60 years.

During this project, Sankyu has targeted the USA with their line of persimmon’s deodorant soap. Persimmon soap is tremendously effective as a deodorant. Additionally, its natural ingredients are incredibly soft on your skin. Finally, persimmon soap is aesthetically pleasing with its smooth surface that shines like a crystal ball.


Purifying & Deodorizing Persimmon Soap Bar

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