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What is No Shampoo aka No Poo?

 What is No Shampoo aka No Poo?

In Japan, there is a growing trend to wash hair with only water (hot or cold). No shampoo. Why? Hair-cleansing chemicals in shampoo can damage the scalp, deteriorating hair quantity and quality. These chemicals also creates imbalances the scalp’s PH balance and strips away necessary oils. In fact, when the scalp gets too dry due to a excessive use of shampoos, it starts produce excessive oil, resulting in oily scalps. So f the scalp is oily, it’s really because it’s dry!

Here are some No Poo Benefits.

  • Improves the scalp’s condition for better hair quality and quantity
  • Saves money!

Yes, it’s hard to quit shampoo suddenly because you may experience an oily scalp for a while. So here are my suggestions:

  1. Gradually reduce the amount of shampoo during each use for 2 weeks from spring.
  2. Gradually reduce the no. of times you shampoo from every day to every few days in spring and summer.
  3. Gradually extend the days between shampoos from winter.
  4. Then, as you notice your hair quality is actually improving, lose the shampoo from next year!

You can expedite the process if you can, but winter is the best timing for #3, as you get less sweat on the scalp. That’s why, now it’s time to try No Poo. It takes time to master No Poo, but it is worth trying for life long result.

If you are concerned about scalp odor, try Mirai Clinical’s Purifying and Deodorizing Body Wash instead of regular shampoo, during #1-3.

I’ve been practicing #1-3 of No Poo for over a month now, and I honestly feel my hair is becoming fuller and thicker! To be honest, I tried and gave up in Phase 2 last year, but recently got inspired by a Japanese doctor who hasn’t shampooed in years and has got healthy, fuller black hair. So I’m determined to get to  Phase 4!

My hair as of April 2015

wash hair with only water no shampoo

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