Keeping it Fresh During the Sweaty Season with Mirai

from Chopsticks NY

The beautiful spring weather brings with it not only lovely flowers, but also a variety of smells. Our perspiration rate rises along with the temperature, and people want to insure that the odor they are giving off is a nice one. This is especially the case in Japan, where crowded commuter trains are a way of life and the body odor accompanying old age is of great concern. Logically it was a Japanese company called Mirai that came up with a new product line whose slogan is “Breakthrough Solutions for Any Body Odors.”

This line was designed to minimize signs of skin aging and support skin health for men and women over 40. Its revolutionary formula prevents aging body odor before it begins due to a special combination of components, something unachievable with traditional deodorants. Its benefits can be enjoyed by those of all ages, as it is effective on general body odor as well.

Mirai’s new products are a purifying body wash, body serum and cooling spritzer. The wash helps your skin retain softness by protecting its natural oil balance, and the serum deeply moisturizes. One squirt of the spray will keep you feeling cool and refreshed, and it is light enough to always carry around. All items have a grapefruit scent, which is natural and pleasant.

Also, they contain a special formula called APG-40 that helps to preserve all-day freshness. Its key ingredients of persimmon tannin (deodorant), astaxanthin (antioxidant) and green tea (antiseptic) are all naturally dericed, and purify, protect, nourish and defend skin. In addition, APG-40 increases skin’s ability to retain important nutrients, so not only will you smell good from morning until night but you will never look better!