Human Stress Odor

Human Stress Odor

An important find from Japanese company, Shiseido, finds that we “produce a distinctive odor that is similar to that of an onion or a long onion when they come under stress.” Their samples of gas collected from participants contained sulfur-like odors. The “stress smell” is understood to stem from two compounds, allyl mercaptan and dimethyl trisulfide. In Japan, there are some of us who are very sensitive about body odors. Shiseido’s experiment has found another odor we can help eliminate. You remember that pesky aging odor called Nonenal? Shiseido also helped discover that! Thanks to their research, we have been able to develop odor-eliminating products. 

Apart from keeping yourself fresh, you can also help ease your mind with simple stress relieving activities such as:

  • Exercising
  • Reducing caffeine intake
  • Writing things down such as what you’re grateful for or what’s stressing you out
  • Spending time with those who you enjoy being around
  • Laughing
  • Deep breathing
  • Avoiding procrastination

Source: Japan Times

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