Skin Balancing Sugar Oil – 5-Pouch Travel Set

0.03 fl oz | 1 mL each (Made in Japan)
    • Convenient travel size pouches – 5 in a set – approximately 2 applications per pouch
    • Sugar oil (squalane) is nature’s oil that is closest to our skin. As such, sugar oil helps the skin improve its own moisture and oil balance naturally, instead of just adding ingredients on the outside.
    • Sugar oil helps protect your skin from sun damage and dryness as a natural moisture barrier.
    • Our sugar oil is highly pure, having gone through an extensive purification process in Japan. Due to its highly stable purity, our sugar oil can help protect from sun damage, unlike generic face oils.
Sugar Oil


Excessive nourishing, including excessively nourishing ingredients, can make your skin lazy. It loses its natural power to produce moisture and oils on its own, and becomes dependent on on those ingredients. Our sugar oil helps balance the skin’s natural moisturizing ability.

Our sugar oil is a pure, single ingredient and does not require preservatives and other chemicals for stability and longevity.

Our sugar oil is fragrance free, but feel free to add your favorite essential oil for a natural scent.


What We Don’t Use

Mirai follows rigorous guidelines for selecting, sourcing and processing our product ingredients. In addition to their purity and safety, our ingredients are chosen to effectively boost your skin’s own natural abilities to hydrate, nourish, and defend for long term skin beauty and health. Ingredients that may be potentially harmful to your skin or body are never used.

It’s just as important to know what we don’t use in our products. Learn why here.


Japanese Persimmon


Pat a small amount on face where moisture is needed. Can be used to boost our 3-1 Multi-Tasking Face Serum. Great for face massages! Multi-tasks on dry cuticles and ankles.

Japanese Camellia

When to Apply

Both day and night.

Silk Protein (sericin)

How Long It Lasts

If used both day and night, one bottle can provide several months’ use.

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