Purifying & Deodorizing Pre-Soak Laundry Detergent with Japanese Persimmon

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17 fl. oz. | 500 mL
  • Deodorizing PRE-WASH soak for your laundry to remove stubborn odors, including Nonenal.
  • EASY to use, just simply soak your clothes for 30 minutes prior to the wash cycle.
  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE, our fragrance-free formula uses natural Japanese Persimmon Extract to eliminate odors at their source.

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What is pre-soak?

Laundry doesn’t always get all the stains, germs, bacteria, and odor-causing molecules out of fabrics. A pre-soak detergent is needed prior to washing, in order to break down these unwanted elements. A pre-soak detergent has a stronger formula and contains specialized active ingredients that will address these major concerns that a typical wash fails to do.

Mirai’s pre-soak laundry detergent contains the tannin, Japanese Persimmon Extract, that has been clinically tested to target odor causing compounds and breaking down nonenal that would otherwise stick to fabric even after laundry washing. A recent study found that the tannins in Persimmons may weaken the coronavirus.


What does pre-soak mean and why is it important?

Cleaner and fresher smelling laundry is only one extra step away. If you're left with no-so-fresh smelling laundry, or if you rely on heavy chemicals from your detergent to give you that clean smell, we have a more natural and effective solution.

Washing laundry is routine, but regular laundering isn't always effective at removing stains, bacteria, germs and odor-causing chemicals, such as nonenal, out of fabrics. A pre-soak is necessary to saturate all of the fibers and truly remove those stubborn and oily substances. Soaking the fabric with a pre-soak detergent means leaving the formula for several minutes in order for the odor-fighting properties to take effect, giving the extract enough time to seep through every thread of the fabric to break down stubborn molecules and kill the germs that are stuck there. This could either be done by putting the fabric in water and pre-soak mixture, or pour the product into a spray bottle and use it as a spray mixture.

This pre-soak laundry detergent also serves as deodorizer to eliminate molecules that accumulate in clothes causing body odors and kill bacteria that may be harmful to the skin. This product is perfect for senior care facilities as it destroys the so-called “old man smell” and especially targets the oxidized lipids that cause such odors.

Washing Machine with Presoak Setting Option

The Source of Lasting Odor on Clothing

To understand why this odor remains on clothing, it helps to understand that lipids are naturally produced by the body. Nonenal, the compound created when lipids are oxidized increase significantly with age. This is because mature skin has less natural antioxidant protection. Furthermore, hormonal imbalances such as high testosterone levels and menopause, as well as increased sweating and stress have been seen to exacerbate the rate of oxidation leading to higher nonenal levels. The characteristic smell of senior care facilities and some residential homes are due to the proliferation of these molecules that stick to fabrics, such as pillow cases, bed linens, and clothes, that accumulate with time, if they are not regularly treated effectively with potent detergent or deodorizer like Mirai’s Pre-Soak Laundry Detergent.

Despite regular air purification and disinfection, if these molecules are not eliminated from the fabrics, the “old person smell” will still linger in confined areas such as senior care homes and enclosed rooms without proper ventilation, which may lead to frustration and unpleasant living situation. Add in our Purifying & Deodorizing Fabric Softener Sheets for the ultimate odor eliminating power.

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How does Japanese Persimmon Extract Remove Odor?

Mirai’s Pre-Soak Laundry Detergent with Persimmon Extract contains tannin, which is clinically tested to target odor causing compounds and breaks down nonenal (body odor that comes with aging). This unique ingredient is what makes this product so effective at removing stubborn odor that has otherwise persisted, despite regular laundering.

If you have noticed that your clothes are holding onto odor, it’s because nonenal is an oily and greasy substance that becomes attached to your clothing. Regular soaps and detergent aren’t able to break down the compound and remove the cause of the odor, so the nonenal sticks to the fabric and never truly smells clean.

Persimmon extract, the key ingredient in our Pre-Soak Laundry Detergent is a powerful antioxidant that is known in Japan for its naturally deodorizing and purifying benefits. Persimmon extract has the ability to break down the nonenal compound, leaving your clothing – or in the case of our Deodorizing Soap with Persimmon, your skin – clean, fresh smelling and deodorized.

This Purifying & Deodorizing Pre-Soak Laundry Detergent with Japanese Persimmon contains tannins, vitamins, and antioxidants that targets nonenal, dissolves and breakdowns the compounds that cause lasting odor. It also protects the fabric from oxidation and nonenal buildup.

How it works

The key ingredients of this pre-soak detergent serve as odor controls that dissolve and wash away the hard to break down compounds. Since nonenal is oily and greasy, ordinary soaps and detergents are unable to break down the compound; thus, nonenal remain stuck in the fabric even after washing.

This Purifying & Deodorizing Pre-Soak Laundry Detergent With Japanese Persimmon contains tannins, vitamins, and antioxidants that target nonenal and protects the fabric from oxidation and nonenal buildup.

Product Uses


The persimmon extract works by eliminating odor and breaking down accumulated odor molecules that can build up in rooms. It’s perfect for removing the “old person odor” in senior care facilities and poorly ventilated rooms. It’s also effective in deodorizing couch fabrics, carpets, and curtains.


The germ-fighting properties of the pre-soak detergent are potent in killing harmful bacteria and free-radicals that are hiding in the fabrics. It’s perfect in keeping children’s room safe from illness-causing germs, and for keeping the environment clean and purified in senior care homes. 

Quick & Easy to Use

Save time and energy! Simply soak your laundry for 30 minutes. Then, rinse or run it through the washing machine with your regular detergent. No need for complicated and time-consuming procedures. 


This product contains no dyes or artificial fragrances that can cause irritation. Fragrances can be deceptively harmful as they only mask the odor with stronger scents, but leaves the germs and odor-causing molecules on the fabrics.

Potent, Natural deodorizer

Targets and breaks down nonenal, and other odors, resulting to genuinely odor-free fabrics and clean and sanitized spaces.

Multifunctional All-In-One Laundry Product

This all-in-one laundry product contains the best deodorizer and purifier.

Gentle on the skin

Japanese Persimmon Extract has hydrating and lubricating properties that leave the clothes feeling soft to the touch that glides smoothly on the skin preventing wrinkles and irritation, while also keeping the skin hydrated.

Japanese Ingredients

Japanese Persimmon

The key active ingredient of this pre-soak laundry detergent is Mirai’s persimmon extract. It contains vitamins and antioxidants that are clinically tested to be a potent deodorizer while also helping hydrate the skin.

Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (cleansing), Polyoxyethylene lauryl ether (cleansing), Betaine (skin conditioning), Sodium Chloride (salt), Saccharomyces/Persimmon Fruit Juice Ferment Extract (deodorizing) 

Add 2 tablespoons of pre-soak per 1 gallon cold or warm water. Soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. Clothing can then be rinsed in clean water, or run through the washing machine at the desired settings (no additional detergent is needed).

It is best to store the pre-soak in a cool, non-humid area.