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Why Use Our Japanese Persimmon Deodorizing Soap?

Not all persimmon extracts are alike. Persimmon juice obtained manually from the fruit does not eliminate nonenal odor effectively. Only Japanese persimmon extract that is selectively harvested, carefully processed, and tested for maximum deodorizing benefits demonstrates effective results. Mirai Clinical’s persimmon extract is harvested each autumn, processed, and tested in our facilities in Japan under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our anti-nonenal odor soap prevents premature skin aging and removes what some have termed "old people smell" or "aging odor" without stripping your skin’s natural oils. Unlike other persimmon soaps from Japan, Mirai’s soap bar does not contain cocamidopropyl betaine, synthetic fragrances, PEG,or preservatives that may prematurely age skin.

Soap bar in the U.S. with Japanese Persimmon Extract
Persimmon Extract

Clinical studies show that our soap with Persimmon Extract eliminates nonenal by 97% compared to only 35% by conventional soaps. 

Why Do Older Adults Smell Different? What Is Nonenal?

Nonenal (or 2-Nonenal) was first identified in 2001 by the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido as the main source of aging body odor. Further studies were documented in the March 2010 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry: “Lipid peroxidation generates body odor component trans-2-nonenal covalently bound to protein in vivo.”

Nonenal is produced when lipid acids are oxidized (lipid acids are fatty acids produced in the sebaceous gland). Hormonal imbalances often result in higher production of lipids. As the skin matures, its natural antioxidant protection decreases, resulting in greater amounts of oxidized lipids.

Nonenal can be recognized by an unpleasant, grassy or greasy odor. It is often hard to detect on oneself but will linger on fabrics, such as shirt collars and pillow cases, if not removed during baths. Nonenal odor often persists in confined environments, such as nursing homes, and is thus sometimes referred to as the old people smell. Because this odor is oil (fatty acid) based, it is not easily removed by conventional soaps and water.

Nonenal’s effect can be different in men and women. Many women experience changes in body odor during menopause. This new odor can be a combination of both increased sweat-based odor and nonenal-based odor, leading to confusion and frustration when these odorsare not easily eliminated. Hot flashes and night sweats during menopause cause excessive perspiration and increased fatty acids, resulting in higher production of nonenal.

A recent Swedish study showed that middle aged men often have the worst body odor amongst all age groups in males. This could be due to higher testosterone ratios and related nonenal production. Finally, stress can also exacerbate the production of nonenal in both women and men.


What Is Japanese Persimmon? How Does It Remove Body Odors?

Japanese persimmon– which is a potent antioxidant and a natural purifying and deodorizing agent – is loaded with vitamins. The fruit has been traditionally used in Japan for its naturally purifying and deodorizing powers. This prized natural ingredient is particularly effective in eliminating nonenal, the source of hormonal imbalance or aging body odor, leaving the skin squeaky clean and freshly hydrated.

Mirai Clinical’s persimmon extract – called tannin –is tested in our facilities in Japan under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

This chart shows how Mirai’s persimmon tannin is significantly more effective in reducing various causes of body odor, including nonenal, than regular soaps.

Why Is Persimmon Extract So Effective For Nonenal Odor Removal?

Tannin is a potent substance and easily dissolves nonenal, thereby eliminating its odor. Persimmon fruit is a powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal agent, loaded with vitamins, and has been used by the Japanese for its naturally purifying and deodorizing benefits for centuries. In addition, the powerful antioxidant properties of purified Japanese Green Tea extends the effectiveness of the persimmon extract to provide day-long freshness and deodorant protection.

Gently eliminates troublesome body odors originating from hormonal imbalances, menopause, and nonenal/aging odor. Also eliminates vaginal, underarm, and foot odors.

Clinical studies show that our soap with Persimmon Extract eliminates Nonenal by 97% compared to only 35% by conventional soaps.

Contains no harmful chemicals that can strip the skin’s natural oils. Unlike other persimmon soaps from Japan, Mirai’s soap bar does not contain cocamidopropyl betaine, synthetic fragrances, PEG and preservatives that can prematurely age skin.

Leaves skin soft and silky. Rinses off quickly.

Handmade by soap artisans in Japan to preserve delicate moisturizing agents.

How to care for your mask:

1. Wash before wearing for the first time. 

2. Hand wash cold, hang to dry. 

3. Do not bleach, press, iron, or steam.

4. Wash after ever wear. 

5. Replace disposable filter with each use.