To earn $5 off your next purchase, see the rules below!

In order to receive a $5 off discount code, you must:

Step 1) Take a selfie at the place you're going to receive (or had received) a COVID-19 vaccine. Do not include your vaccination card in the photo. See Step 2A below.

Vaccine Selfie = $5 OFF

Step 2) Post the selfie to a social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook.

Post the selfie to a social media

Step 3) Tag us #miraiclinical and @miraiclinical Tag #miraiclinical and @miraiclinical 

Step 4) Send an email to with a link to your selfie post.

Send an email to with a link to your selfie post

    Eligibility details:

    1. A qualifying selfie must include you and yourself in front of the institution administering the shot. 
    2. Eligible participants must live in the United States, be at least 18 years old, not be a Mirai Clinical employee, and are able to safely receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and have not been advised or cautioned against receiving a COVID-19 vaccine by a medical practitioner. 
    3. If you've already been vaccinated, you're still eligible to enter. Simply post a photo of your favorite Mirai Clinical products to a social media platform and tag us @miraiclinical and #miraiclinical. See Step 2B above.

    Additional Details:

    1. Note that vaccine roll-out guidelines may vary by state and include different eligibility requirements.
    2. Mirai Clinical is not involved in vaccine availability, prioritization or state-wide rollout. Please contact your state's public health department for more information.
    3. We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists or use your photos for marketing purposes.
    4. The $5 off discount code cannot be used with any other discount offer in your cart. This means if you have a bundle or subscription discount offer already in your cart, you will not be able to apply this discount code. 

    Subject to change.