Let’s Talk About Poop

The Japanese talk about poop as an important health topic, whereas in the United States it might be considered as taboo. In Japan, kids are taught to check their poop as a routine health check, and enjoy learning how to produce good ones. Now adults are also enjoying poop museums and learning about all about it, can you believe that?

Poop shows how healthy your body and diet are. Check your poop to find out what kinds of poop you produce and how to improve them to the best.

“Feces contains so much information such as intestinal flora’s gene and metabolite, which tells us health condition and health risks. By checking the information on a regular basis, you can improve your diet and health, so feces has invaluable values, which I call it brown diamond.” Dr. Fukuda says.

– The best poop: 2 bananas, brown to gold color, flow in the water, and when wiping anal area toilet paper should be white.

– Hard and dark brown: You are constipated. Get water more frequently little by little, instead of a lot at once. Eat watery fruits and veges more, and move more.

– Hard and small pieces like bunny’s: Insufficient water intake and too much stress are the cause. In addition to the water intake above, try to reduce the cause of the stress.

– Dark brown and heavy(oily): You might be eating too much meat. Increase the ratio of veges with much fiber.

– Too soft: Diarrhea! Avoid unusual foods that your stomach is not used to. Stress is related as well.

– Watery: There is risk that you have contagious disease. See a doctor.